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Vibes :)

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Salem and Ailey are going in to the vets tomorrow at 8 am to get spayed and neutered im a bit worried but not as worried as i would be if i had to think about ailey being pregnant lol. cheyenne (my daughter) is more worried because they have to stay overnight instead of coming home on the same day. but I just wanted to get some healing vibes for them so that they make a fast recovery.
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Many good vibes to them for a speedy recovery and many calming vibes to you!!
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Sending good surgery vibes to Salem and Ailey-- and sending don't worry vibes to meowmy and Cheyenne
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Aw, tell Cheyenne there isn't that much to worry about. Tell yourself that too

{{{{{{{ quick recovery vibes }}}}}}}
to both your cats!

Tell us when they're done, how they're doin' and everything!
I'm sure they'll be just fine.
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Sending lots of vibes their way!
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Sending healing vibes to the kitties and calming vibes to meowmy!
Everything will be well!
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Sending {{{{{Good Vibes}}}}} to Salem & Ailey.
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well everything went great ailey is still a little sore but doing good. salem is back to his old getting into everything underthe sun self lol.we did have a little bit of a scare ailey developed a fever and became really almost larthatgic i took her back tot he vet and they gave her a anitbiotic because she had the beginning of an infection and a few days later she was fine no fever nothing just her sweet loving self. I am glad that it was caught so early I can't stand to imagine what could have been. Sorry I didn't get back to yall sooner but i am still without internet and having to come tot he library to use the computer hence the reason why I havent made a new siggy lol. Anyways gotta go headbutts and snuggles to everyone from salem and ailey and thanks for the vibes from me and cheyenne
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So glad to hear all went well!
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