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my signature

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I know most of you have seen it....

But i didnt know there was a signature shop thread..so thought I'd post it here.

That's Mushi...and "that's kinda awesome" is just something I say like every day many times, and well...I liked it where it is on the sig.

Hope ya'll like it.
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It's very nice I like the colors. Did you make it yourself?

It is slightly oversized. You can have a maximum allowable height of 150 pixels, and your sig is 156. If you are not sure how to check, right click on your sig and select properties.
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Oh, I didn't know you weren't aware of this forum, I'd have told you where it was

Mushi's a cutie-pie!!!!!!!!!
And that's a beautiful font you used also
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You can copy, and save, this version of your siggy, which I've resized:
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Very nice, it's kinda awesome & Mushi is kinda awesome! Actually, I take that back Mushi is very awesome... what a gorgeous face!
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Thanks jcat so much for the resized version. I didnt know how to do that.

Thanks all for your comments...Mushi says thanks...he knows he's awesome.
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Love the colours and Mushi is adorable
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