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Hi. I stumbled across this site while looking for info about a few problems I've been having with my cats. Seems like most of you know what you're talking about, so I figured I'd put in my two cents. I've got four cats:

Oreo's the oldest. She'll be 6 in June. She's black with a white stomach and paws.

Dusty's gonna be 5 in a week, and he's gray and overweight (one of the questions I was trying to get answered with this site). He weighs 22 lbs, and badly needs to lose some of it.

Mouse and Gus are brothers, and they'll be 1 later this month. Gus is a miniature version of Dusty, and Mouse is a gray and white tabby. They had 3 other siblings, but I just couldn't afford 7 cats. I bottle-fed them for a couple months until they could find happy homes of their own.

They were all strays until I adopted them off the street. Now, we live in an upstairs two-bedroom apartment all by ourselves. The two kittens are afraid of the outdoors, but it works out well, since I basically live in a parking lot. We enjoy our modest existence.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! You have come to the right place for answers. Check out the Health and Nutrition forum on advice on how to help Dusty lose weight. Of course, check with your vet first before starting a weight loss plan
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Oh, he's been on a vet-induced diet for about a year, but nothing seems to be working.
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Hi and welcome!
Perhaps Dusty cheats on his diet by eating the others food when you are not looking?
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hi thirstygus
welcome to you and your cats, you sound one big happy family
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Welcome to TCS!!

I can't wait to see pics
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, feel free to contact me anytime by simply clicking on my user name to send me a Private Message!

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Wellcome, wellcome an once more wellcome!!!
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Welcome to the site !

I have an overweight boy that weighs the same amount (he did weigh more). He had been on a reduced calorie diet. What finally worked for us was when the vet switched to a high protein diet prescription food vs. lo cal. He seems to be more satisfied, too. You absolutely have to follow your vet's advice on how much your cat can have per day. George gets 3/4c dry food per day. I measure it out each morning and put it in a zippered food bag and feed him a few kibbles in the morning, afternoon and before bed.

Please feel free to click on my user name and send a private message if you have any questions.
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Welcome to TCS

I hope our knowledgeable members will be able to give you some advise! glad you dropped in and introduced your bunch!!

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Hello there and welcome to The Cat Site

We are glad you found us...

You will love it here

Sounds like you have 4 very lucky cats!

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Hello It's nice to meet you!!

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