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Litter For Studs

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What kind of litter do people use for their stud cats? I've been turned over complete litter duty of our stud as my fiance won't go near the litter box. I've heard wood stove pellets are good? Talking mostly odor control.

I'm about to start using egg layer crumbles hen feed for the rest of the cats. I've been told it works the same as WBCL which I love! But its expensive...and feed is cheap. We'll see how that goes.

The stud we have might be going home soon so I might not have time to switch him to somethign new but am curious what people do to keep the smell down.
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For our stud we use Ever Clean Unscented with ActivBloc (the red one). We don't have a problem with odor. I have to admit that we are not challenged. He does not spray in his room and I walk him everyday that weather allows so he saves it for marking. We live in a more rural area on almost 3 acres so he is not marking where it would be rude to neighbors. When we have bad weather and can't go outside I clean his pan often because his urine is stronger smelling. I used zipper bags and put the bag out in the garage in a special covered pail.
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I use paper pellets (similar to wood stove pellets) and it worked perfect for my stud.
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