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Online Schemes & Identity Theft

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I thought this was a good article about some of the newer schemes that theives are using to steal you identity and/or account numbers, so I wanted to share it.
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Very good indeed.
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Thanks Heidi! some of those are just scary!
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The thieves are getting smarter, and the scams more believable. There are so many out there where you think that only an idiot would fall for that, but people fall for the scams all the time. It's always good to keep up to date with what the bad guys are trying to pull.

And even the smartest of people can get their IDs stolen. There was a story here last week about a college professor who teaches classes on avoiding identity theft whose identity was stolen!
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I have received numerous Ebay ,PayPal and AOL spoof emails.

There was a story on the news last night about a Police Officer who has had his identity stolen in a different way. Someone created a personal webpage on a very popular site with his name and picture. They filled the profile with many racial statements.
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That's a helpful article.
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When I was still working with Ford Credit I would get fakes emails from the "supposed" issuer of my corporate credit card. Lucky for us we had an email address that Ford set up for its employees to forward this bogus email too!!
I sometimes worry about my parents getting caught in one of these scams.
I'll advise them of the new ones. Thanks!!
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In the last 24 hours I have had an email from Nigeria, offering me a share of $60 million and a message from 'Ebay' saying that they are checking an unauthorised use of my credit card and would I please forward them the details so they can sort it out! I guess some people would fall for this without checking first, but really!
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It really is horrible what some people do. I just cant believe some of those. Especially the child identity theft one. It's just horrible. And these victims of these crimes...Are they just "screwed"?

You'd think some kind of insurance would cover if this happens. Or are you just plain out of luck and out of money? I havent known anyone personally who was a victim of these things so I dont know what happens to them. Do you ever get your life back?
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I've been a victim of identity theft. At&t wireless sold their services to someone who used my name & changed one number in my ss#. After alot of aggravation and letter writing it has been erased from my credit report, but I still have a collection agency hounding me! They sent me a form to fill out that the person who owes them the money is not me but now they want a copy of my SS card, drivers license and other personnel info I will not give to them! Let them get it from AT&t wireless. It's amazing because this happened in 2002 and I had been a customer of theirs for many years before then and they still sold their services to this person!
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My rule is don't even open all that junk email, just delete it. Also, only talk on the phone to people you really know who they are. Put your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry and that knocks out a lot the the scam phone calls. The ones that slip through and call anyway, don't even be nice to them, just hang up the phone. So far it has worked for me. Ebay has a special address to forward spoof emails to. Do it.
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Thanks for posting that!
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Bumping for more people to see. I think it's important that we all keep up with this stuff. Hubby's in an IRC chat room where a woman was saying she got a strange offer from someone who "saw her resume on" and wanted to offer her $22.00/hour as an admin. asst. in Michigan. Totally out of the range of normal salaries for that type of position. He gave her the link to the article to tell her that she's not crazy, and she's right in her suspicions.
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