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Kitten wants outside..... BAD

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Well, my kitten Marley that I adopted from a shelter about 2 1/2 months ago is dying to go outside. It meows and meows and meowsssssssssss...... Everytime I open the door he darts outside, recently ran across the street (which is a pretty busy street and this scares me). Whenever he does escape and run from me I put him in the laundry room (where his litter box, food and water are) for about 30 minutes... he meows and meows in there also.
I just had him fixed the day before yesterday and he is on pain meds (but still hyper as ever), but has been wanting to go out even before I got him fixed (that is why I hurried to get him fixed he is only 3 1/2 - 4 months old). I just don't know what in the world to do. He meows constantly and wants outside. I have had outside cats before, 2 have disappeared in the last year (this is my 3rd kitten, so I am refusing him to go outside, because I don't want to lose him like the others) He is my only cat in the home, I do have a black lab in the home also and his buddy (my mothers dog comes over and plays often, I always play with him, he has a million kitty toys).

I just don't know what to do about my curious kitty.
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Primarily, Marley will have been wanting out because he could probably smell females. As he's only recently been neutered, it may take a while for the hormones to disperse.

Just a question, why does he need pain meds?

Have you thought about harness and lead training him? This way, he would be able to explore outside in safety with you.

You may also want to try the hoover by the door trick. Keep your hoover near the door and when he attempts to dart, turn the hoover on. This will startle him and make the door less attractive!

Does he have windows and things that he can look from? Maybe a window perch or cat condo/tree would be a good idea, as it'll keep him entertained and give him a good view of the outside world!

Good luck and do let us know how things are going!
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Sarah has given you some great advise... the only other thing I would like to add is have you considering about getting him a buddy? Often they do get bored and I have never looked back after bringing to kittens into my home.
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I'm quick to stick my foot in the doorway!!
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Originally Posted by Sar

Just a question, why does he need pain meds?
I was wondering the same thing.
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Take him out on walks. I have Puppy harness trained now. I've only taken him out in his carrier, and then I let him out of the carrier when we get to his play area. This way, he gets the idea that the only way he gets out is in the carrier.

It's worked really well. He no longer squirms when I put on his harness, and as soon as it's on he jumps into the carrier. We take him out once or twice a week on warmer days. And he's stopped hanging out by the doorway.
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Just be sure you get the kind with two buckles - not just one around the neck, but also around his tummy behind his front legs.
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