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Vibes needed for Fafeena & Tomas!

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Fafeena had a very bad vet visit yesterday/today. She's a 12 year old cat that got spayed February 8th. She developed a "bump" where her spay incision was the day before we took the stitches out. The vet checked her out & told me that it was probably just a reastion to the inside sutures. I called another vet to ask him if it was a hernia(sp?). He told me if I oculd push it in it was probably a hernia, but if not it was probably a reaction to the stitches. He told me to take her back to the vet that spayed her. Yesterday, I took her in to ask the vet what he thought. He told me it was a hernia & since I hadn't fed her yet, fixed her up yesterday. Well, last night as he was leaving, her noticed that another buldge was developing. He put had to do another surgery yesterday to fix the second hernia. Poor old girl. That's three surgeries in the past month. She is home now & seems to be doing well, but there is a catch. The vet thinks that the lining of her intestine(maybe it was something else, I can't remember) is so thin that is rips easily. I have to keep her from jumping or stressing out. For now, she is in the dog crate in the kitchen. I don't dare put her in the bathroom with Chico, Damita, & Ophelia as they are playful buggers & will get her in trouble. If she develops another hernia, the vet wants to see her & he will open her up to see if he can repiar it safely. If not, he thinks that maybe she needs to be euthanized. He told me to give her a month of very limited activity, then we can start letting her move a little more, but no large jumps. So, she is going to be housecat #4 for me. She & Twitch have never gotten along(she dumped Twitch as a kitten), so Fafeena will have to live in the basement when she gets better. Right now, she has two incisions on her stomch, two sets of stitches.

The barn cats outside haven't left the garage since thier spays/neuters. They go outside under my supervision as many times a day as I can let them. Otherwise, they live in the garage. There are still the "wanderers" around outside.

Last night, I went out to feed the wanderers, trying to trap them(I haven't fed them since 2 days ago). Well, my favortie wanderer, Tomas, showed up asking for extra attention. Tomas has been coming around for a year now, & I have never been able to catch him. He wears a collar, so I assume he is someone else's pet, but he is not neutered. As I was petting him yesterday, I noticed a lump on his side. It feels like there is a scab there, so I am assuming he got bit by something. He cries when you touch it. I wanted the vet to look at him this morning when I picked up Fafeena, but he was in the middle of a spay & has 4 neuters to do yet this morning. Tomas is going to the vet this afternoon. I called all of the neighbors & no one recognizes him as their pet. They have seen him wandering through, & have noticed that his collar is really tight(they can't even touch him). We are assuming he is a dump off. One of the neighbors even put up signs all over town. No one claimed him. Since no one else is really willing to help him, I guess we will. I am going to have him tested for FeLV, find out how old the vet thinks he is, get him vaccinated, fix up his bump, & make a neuter appt.

As you can tell, I can really use some good healing vibes for Fafeena & Tomas. I am much more worried about Fafeena than Tomas as she is so old. I will be sure to let you know how things go at the vet this afternoon for Tomas.
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Sending {{{{{Get Well Vibes and Prayers}}}}} to Fafeena & Tomas. Feel/Get better soon kitties.
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sending lots of get well vibes
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Lots of healing vibes for Fafeena and Thomas!
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Here's a picture of Fafeena, lacking all of her old glory.

I covered her incisions with a piece of fabric. She kept licking at them. Then I wrapped this stuff that sticks to itself(we got it for use on one of the dogs) around her tummy. Hopefully, she won't develop another hernia. I think I remember seeing the same stuff as the blue thingy at petsmart.com. I might as well order a bunch & get more nail caps from them.

Tomas' vet appt. got canceled. The vet got called out to a farm on an emergency. They are going to call me when they can get him in.
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Aw she is so sweet.
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Sending Giant vibes for your sweet babies. Hope you can get Tomas to the vet, and check that collar around his neck. Hate to see that grow into him. Hope all goes well!
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how wonderful of you to take Tomas in I hope you can get that vet appointment real soon.

and sweet Fafeena - be brave little one and I hope you improve quickly

let us know how both are doing.
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I'm sending many many get well wishes and vibes!
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Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Tomas made it to the vet on Friday. He had a bite that the vet drained the fluid from & gave me antibiotics. He is now neutered(the vet neutered him last night) FeLV - & UTD on shots. If he is really nice cat, we might work with the HS to find him a new home. So far, he is showing promise.

Fafeena is doing really well. She hasn't developed another hernia, yet anyways. I am so proud of her for being such a brave girl. She lets me brush her teeth. I have been giving her Iams dry food & Merrick canned food. It is set in stone that on Wednesday we are going to Pet Expo(the pet store) & that we are going to buy her good senior cat food. The Merrick is fine by me, but I don't like Iams & can't find anything else decent here. I tried some senior cat food my SIL sent me that she feeds her cat, but Feeny didn't like it. I believe it was RC?

So far, we are in good shape. Feeny hasn't been picking at her stitches. She has been putting up with crabby Twitch & I think I am getting her weight & food issues under control. I have her down for 1 1/2 cups to 3/4 a cup & half of a 3 oz. can of wet food. Tomas, however, will only eat Chicken Soup dry, no wet. I guess not everything can be rushed.
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So, good news all around! Thanks for the update.
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