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I had a few questions about gingivitis...
I am possibly adopting an FIV+ cat- around a year old. She has been staying at a vet's office for the past few months. They said she's been perfectly healthy, but I did notice that her gums were very red. The vet wasn't in at the time- but the vet tech said that it looked like gingivitis (which is a very common infection in FIV+ cats). The vet tech wasn't too concerned, but I was.

How is gingivitis treated? Once treated can it return easily (are cats who have it once, likely to keep getting the infection?) How dangerous is it to the cat, and what are your recommendations for the best food to help prevent it? This vet only feeds dry food (not sure what brand). I feed dry in the morning and wet in the evening....

Last (I feel like this is a silly) question...is gingivitis something my other cat could catch through contact- or not?

Thanks for any thoughts!
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My cat is FIV+ too (which is why I'm specifically looking at FIV cats), so I'm not worried about the FIV, just the gingivitis question!
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I found this site on Gingivitis a while back and it is very good!

I think it should answer your questions!
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