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Mr Kitty is back and help

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Some of you may remember my accross the street visitor... Well as the snow melt guess who came to visit... I dont mind visits but He is now coming in my foyer when I cant stop him ... I have found him on the top of my car ... He jumps out of just about everywhere in my front yard....

His mother doesnt seem to be to worried as some of these are occuring at 11 pm at night and he has been left outside a few nights...

I do keep water on the pourch for him and a few other outside cats ... but I am not feeding him so I dont understand his strong and getting stronger attachment to me and the dog Gigi
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He wants you. You've been chosen.

Can you take care of him? Neuter
and feed outside only?

If so, give it a shot. He obviously is a VERY friendly cat. What I wouldn't give for my feral cat to wind up like that!!
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I think that is TOO SWEET!
He does want you, he probably can tell a kitty addict a mile away!
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He is neutered ... I would take him in a heatbeat .. only one issue his"mom" is a older lady who is living with her kids across the street ... I see her load the other three animals up daily and nightly she brings them back ... cept Mr Kitty his real name and he knows it kinda... Mr Kitty is let out and he used to roam but now he seems to have picked my house... I have returned him home as my street is a bit busy for a residential( main thruofar thru two neighborhoods) street.. and the daughter or daughter in law thanks me and lets him in but the next day or a few hours later he is back...

He is exceptionally freindly he only gave a slight hiss at my Zoey and he love s my dog and allows her to sniff him like a dog ... I dont want to be accused of stealinghim but he has now come in the house on several occations ...
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Ah ha! Feligamy! (He has 2 homes!!) This happens with some
cats. don't feel bad. Take him in when he needs shelter etc. He
likes both homes, but yours is better for him. Just allow him to be
around yr. place if it isn't causing a problem. Let the owners
know you love him and are looking out for him, and return him
now and then (except if its really bad outside, and cold or wet,
and then you keep him in till daylight and feed him... )
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No he is not trouble ... I will try to give him some food on the nights he spends here... So I guess I have 2.5
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Originally Posted by sharky
No he is not trouble ... I will try to give him some food on the nights he spends here... So I guess I have 2.5
No fair..I want to have 2.5 cats...have him come to Virginia some nights.

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Originally Posted by TNR1
No fair..I want to have 2.5 cats...have him come to Virginia some nights.

I will speak with Mr kitty about that..lmao.. idaho is a bit of a walk from virginia... oh and can he bring the 1/4 cats the kids that hang out with me by day and go home by night??
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What would happen if you told the current owners you are in love, and ask to make your home his primary spot? Maybe they will let you take over if they have visiting rights.

My avatar boy Will chose us, rather than us chosing him. It is quite an honor to have a kitty claim you and your yard as his (or her) domain! And you will have no more loyal companion!
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It may be time to talk with his Mom again, I didnt talk about possibley having him full time since that chat was why doesnt he have a collar and why is he not in the house or back yard......
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Seems like the only problem with Mr Kitty having 2 homes is the busy road inbetween. Hopefully you can talk his mom into letting you adopt him.

I know a woman who had a cat for several years. The woman had a baby. Her cat moved out to a home down the street after the baby was born. She kept bringing the cat back, but she wouldn't stay. The woman was very upset. She loved her cat, but she let the cat keep her new home because she was well loved there too and the cat was happy there.
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I am going to have to talk to mr Kitty s current mommy ... he has some boo boo s .. I think he may have had a tift with another cat...

Should I just take him to my vet or try to get his mom to take him...??? I know the boo boos are abcessed but they obviously havent had any attention...
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Bring him yr self - they don't care - and he needs the care.
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mr Kitty met Zoey .. Zoey wasnt a nice girl ...
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I think I made a wrong turn with Mr kitty... I hope he is a forgiving kitty..

It was snowing and I called him to come into my foyer ... he has done this on his own several time s .. well I put him in the bathroom as quick as I could but he cried so I let him out not realizing Zoey was in the area .. well Zoey conered Kitty , just a lot of hissing and Zoey flaring her tail .. but Kitty was scared and he ran out of the house..
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Mr kitty will be back........

Warmth will always call a cat.. You're doing great by the way.......
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Mr Kitty greeted me when I got home from work ... I finally left a bit of food by his water and will try this weekend to find time to talk to his "true" meowmy... I will call my vet tomarrow and see about the little bald spots ...
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Mr kitty is doing his usual stuff ... is booboo s are healing..I will talk with my vet as I think he should be seen but $$ are tight ( I had to go to the dr )...

I left some food out and Mr Kitty and someone else have been eating... I know there are two since Mr Kitty is silver with black stipes shorthair and the hairs I found in the dish are white medium... so I have another "mr or ms kitty lurking
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