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putting things in water bowl

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Hi all,
I am new here and I was wondering why my male Birman cat puts everything he owns in his water or food bowl?...He is 7 yrs old and has been doing this since he was a kitten. I find all his toys floating in his water bowl everyday. When I take them out he puts them right back in. It is SO CUTE and I love him for it but I was wondering if anyone knows why he does this. I have a girl Birman (his sister) and she does not drown her toys! Could it be male cat behavior?...any help figuring him out would be appreciated!
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..i really dont know why they do that, but one of my sister's cats does it too (a female btw). I couldnt even guess as to how to stop that. It is very cute, but Im sure annoying afterawhile with wet cat toys, and messed up food and water bowls
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One of my cats puts any socks he can find in the water bowl. Its odd how some cats do this to their water.
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It's an instinctual behavior, though not as strong in some cats as in others.
It's simply that he enjoys his toys and wants them kept 'safe'.
A lot of cats consider their dishes to be their territory and a safe place to stash favorite items.

I have cats of both genders that do it, and one little girl who hides her toys under my desk.
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My sweet boy, Willy, used to this. I'd find toys not only in his water bowl, but the toilet! My vet at the time said Willy was drowning his prey.
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Eeew, I found a mouse floating in the water dish once. Alex never puts toys in there. He was either drowning his prey or that mouse was his favorite toy.
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Every so often I find one of my cats toy mice or balls in their water dish. Of course by the time I find it, it's been there for quite some time and is completely water logged! Silly kitties!
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Thank you all for responding..I am glad to know that other cats do the same thing. It can be annoying to find his toys drowned and water logged. Then the floor gets wet and its just a mess...But, I love him for his little odd behavior and of course let him do it because somehow I think it makes him happy...Anything for the kitties right?????..Thanks again everyone!!
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I also had this, well, not-quite-problem.

Now, Zissou has one shallow water bowl she drinks from and one big mug of water that she can drown her toys in but doesn't drink out of. The one by her food dish is her water and the other is, I guess, her kiddy-pool. She drags it across the floor, dips her paw in it, dumps not just her toys but anything small enough, etc.

The benefit is that I change her "water" bowl all the time, but not as often as I had to because she put all sorts of stuff in it. And then I leave the other one for a day or two, since she's not drinking it.

I didn't even plan it, but it worked out great!
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