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New Wallpaper - Christine (cagnes) is a star

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Here is my new wallpaper thanks to Christine, she is so clever. Thank you Christine...... I love them all, can't decide which i like best but have chosen the first 1 to start with, then maybe a change next week

I have lots of choices so I can swap them around




Which one do you like.
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WOW! That is really a great wallpaper!
How talented to be able to put it all together too!
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Is that a Labradoodle in there????????????
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Can you have a poster made out of it too?
Fantastic job Christine.
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My fav is #1...I love the blue tones in it!!...way to go Christine!
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Not sure if I can get a poster I suppose I could if I took it too the copy place in Arrecife...that would be cool. Not all the family is on because there isn't room... OH wants one with Boris on but Boris is his dog not mine.

It's a Spoodle (Cocker x Poodle) she is a little softie and a rescue dog who has settled in so well here you would think we had had her from a pup
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Wow! those were very pretty- I personally like the greenish one
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I like the first one, best of all
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You got a wallpaper too!!

I love the first one as well! They are all great, thats for sure!

I love my wallpaper that Christine made me too, she rocks!
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Thanks! Well obviously I couldn't decide on a bg color since I sent Sal 4 of them , but when they're full sized I'm attracted more to the 2nd one.
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Well everyone says the first one but if you read her post, that's the one that's already up

Sorry I cannot be any help on the decision, I LOVE them all, just do "eeny-meeny-miny-mo" or something!

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