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Dot and Tuxedo Kitty

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I wanted to write a tribute to the two babies I lost about 3 weeks ago.
We took in their mamma as a stray when we realized she was pregnant and she gave birth to 5 wonderful kittens.
Sadly, after two had gone to their new homes, two of the remaining babies got sick, and about a week later we lost them. Tuxedo Kitty died at the vets office and little Dot died at home with me.
They were wonderful. Dot was going to stay with us and be our kitty. She was so tiny and had wonderful manners. She would sleep the whole night through with us, nestled between us. She liked to be perched up on our shoulders so we could carry her around the house. Even when she was so sick, she would climb up my pants legs to get as high up as possible and to be held. One time, I found her snuggled between folds in my coat, only her head sticking out. She matched so perfectly with her black fur and my black coat that I almost didn't see her.
Tuxedo Kitty was going to be a stunning cat. He had a black nose and chin with white whisker pads and nice white socks. He was the most rambuncious of all the kittens. no one was safe from his crab-walk attack! He would even challenge our 15 pound male cat to show him who was boss. He loved his mom and would play with her more than any of the other kittens.
They were just wonderful, and it breaks my heart that I lost them so young. I didn't even get to see them grow up, to reach the potential I know they had.
I thought if I could write about them a little, about some of my favorite memories, then it might help me make sense of their deaths.
I'll post some pictures of them soon. I just want to share how beautiful they were.

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It's amazing that time does not matter in how much we love our cats! My condolences on your sudden loss.
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I'm deeply sorry for your loss.......
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thankyou for sharing your favourite memories with us - I can only imagine how your heart is breaking right now, its never easy to loose a loved one
Take comfort in the bridge knowing that they are happy and healthy and watching over you

RIP Tuxedo Kitty & Dot - fly high little ones
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That was so lovely

Have fun over the bridge babies, and we hope you make lots of new friends to play with
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How sad to lose two so young. They were obviously already making an impact in your lives. May you find comfort in your memories and the love you gave them, and the love they gave you.

Rest in peace Tuxedo Kitty and Dot. Have fun entertaining the other kitties at the Bridge.
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Sorry for your loss. Your tribute was lovely. Talking and writing about them helps keep them close - I know, just lost one of my kitties, too. Know that Dot and Tuxedo Kitty are happy and healthy again in a wonderful place and that they knew they were very much loved.
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I know they were beautiful, and I would love to see pictures.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm very sorry, your babies sounded very beautiful. They are now at peace and free from any pain. Please take care of yourself at this difficult time.
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Thanks everyone for you kind words and thoughts.
I've sorted through a bunch of photos and thought I would post some of my favorite.

First, Tuxedo Kitty when he was two days old:

and here he is trying to bat at the camera! He wasn't afraid of anything.

He's making a face at us while playing "cat in a basket" with his siblings.

And finally, here he taking a flying leap for the feather toy!

Here's Dot when she was about 6 weeks old:

And here she's making a face for us:

Jumping . . .

and landing . . .

And finally, my favorite photo of her, when I found her snuggled in my coat. She went in there all by herself!

Its helped to write about them and spend some time looking over pictures of them. I will always remember them.
Thanks again to everyone, everyone here is so sweet.

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What beautiful babies they were. I am so very sorry for your loss. RIP Tuxedo Kitty and Dot
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Condolences on their loss. It is so hard to lose babies!

Rest in peace, little ones!
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