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Help my vomiting kitty

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We have a 5 year old little black and white kitty, named Bosco. We adopted him from the shelter a few months ago. Since then he has ocassionally thrown up every now and then. We were feeding him the indoor formula, and after a few times of him throwing up, we changed to the hairball formula, but he is still vomiting. There is no pattern or time of day he does it, just out of the blue, he throws up. Any thoughts as to why? Also it is his food that is coming up, not a hairball or yellowish liquid, just his food. Any thoughts would help!!
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Sounds like he may be eating too fast.
Sorry to be disgusting, but is the food that comes up chewed?
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I would try, if it is possible with your schedule, to feed him smaller amounts several times a day, and also to raise his food dish so he has to stretch for it. It will slow him down eating. If it persists you need to ask your vet to take a look.
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when you say "he occassionally throws up every now and then" what do you mean? how often? once a day or once a week?
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Well no the food is not chewed. It is always the little kibbles. Also as to how often he throws up, it really is sparatic. Sometimes it is a few days in a row, and then he will go a couple weeks with out doing it, and then he'll thrown up again. Thanks guys for your help. I will try to put it food higher up. The new food we got is really little kibbles, so hopefully it will be better.
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He's eating too fast if the food isn't chewed.
Larger kibbles that force them to chew are actually better.
Also getting a food for sensitive stomachs will help ease up on the vomiting.
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Our cat was the same way. I agree with Arlyn that he is eating too fast. What we did that worked:
- switch to larger kibbles (Science Diet's hairball light formula was conveniently changed recently to use larger kibbles)
- divide the food up into a few bowls. We put out two bowls at one time, *hiding* the second bowl while kitty is eating the first. This way she slows down between bowls and gets some exercise looking for the second one. We put down the third a bit later, maybe 30 min later.
- put a few golf balls in each bowl with the food. This doesn't slow her down a lot, but does help somewhat.

Our incidence of regurgitation (throwing up whole food) has decreased markedly. Good Luck!
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Thanks guys!
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