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Kitten is sneezing

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Fred is about 8 weeks old and yesterday he started sneezing. Not all the time, but it has happened more than once. There is no discharge from his eyes or nose that I notice, and he is still eating and drinking.

He seems somewhat more lethargic, but then I'm not home all day so he may be playing with my other cat Parker and sleeps when I get home.

I called the Vet and she said to watch for discharge but it may be allergies or an upper respiatory illness. Is there anything you guys (with past experience) can recommend to stave off any illness and avoid expensive vet treatments. I'll take him if I start to notice more signs.

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I had a kitten once who started to sneeze then got a little discharge out of her nose, just like a human would if they were sick. I made her a little bed and had a special spot for her to rest and after a week or so she got better. I never took her to the vet, I just assumed it was a cold, which it must have been. Cause she's been fine ever since.
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Well. I don't really know of any ways to help prevent it from getting worse other than, make sure he is still eating/drinking the same amount, and keep him happy and warm. And if he gets worse make sure you are giving him his daily vitamins

Question... Did you recently have anything dusty in your house, or move any old furnature indoors, try a new kitty litter? Yes it also is allergy season.

If it progress's there's something one vet told me to do (if you see discharge) is to use childrens Afrin, the pump spray. That seems to help, just one spray up one nostril, and then roatate later that night.
I don't know anyone else's opion on that..? I've done it once for a foster and it seemed to help. He had a very sever uri.
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Mine love the smell of Vicks Vap-O-Rub. When they get the sniffles or start sneezing, I will put a little on a washcloth and let them smell it. It always seems to help the symptoms. It has saved me several trips to the vet when they only had little colds or allergies. It has also helped them get some relief until I could get them to the vet when they were really sick. I hope your kitty feels better soon.
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Thank you guys for all your ideas. I turned the heat up a bit when I left given the current cold snap we're having (after it was 90 just last week). Maybe the change in tempature caused the cold (or whatever) to begin with.

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When we fist got our kitten, Jinxy, a few months ago, he was sneezing a bit. No discharge, but sneezing. The vet gave him amoxicillin and he was all better in no time.

Krazy, that is funny about the Vics Vap-O-Rub. Recently I was sick and I put some on my chest. Jinxy went nuts!! I couldn't tear him off of me. It was so bizarre!! He loved it like I've never seen him love anything!!! I'm glad to hear someone elses kitty has had the same experience because I really thought he was wacko!!
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Fred will LICK the Vap-O-Rub off of me. I had a cold and woke up to him licking me. It was weird.
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You have a cat named Fred as well?

My staff thinks that is the funniest name for a cat.
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lol!! Jinxy did the same thing to me. Woke me up licking the Vics!! I had to peel him off of me. His little mouth was drooling from the vapor, but he was still determined to lick it. I had to wash it off of me in order to go back to bed in peace!!! Funny critters, aren't they??!!
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Yes, my Fred is a 13-year-old dsh. He was yellow tabby, but now he almost white with age. He's kinda goofy, but he is a great cat. We named him Fred because when he was little, he had huge claws that would spring out like Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm St. movies. He still has big claws for a fairly small cat.
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