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Thank you for the update! You know we were all thinking of you and Ollie!

Oh Claire, I'm so pleased to hear that Ollie's Thyroid levels are back to normal! You must be so incredibly relieved! I've been thinking of you both!

That's good that you can now concentrate on his teeth and gums! Once he has had the descale, pollish and extractions, he will feel much better and he'll be back to eating normally in no time at all!!

Good strong boy, Ollie! Keep up the good work!
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Thanks so much.

I told Ollie that, if my love alone could save you, you'd never be ill. Since I said that It's like he heard me, and thought, your love is saving me.

Since I was 6 when either of us was ill we've stayed close.

I could see in his little face, he really needed me.

he's got one of those faces, you KNOW what hes saying to you.

We've had outstanding progress since I spoke yesterday he's really taken to natures menu, he's building onto it lovely, going back to it when hes ready. nice and steady! thats the way!

Right now i'm so happy. I could scream. watching him eat, I was just stood there, mouth wide, tears rolling.

He's such a brave boy!
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Ollie is certainly a star, Claire!

I'm so pleased to hear that he's taken to his new food really well! You must be so pleased and he must be so much happier with food in his little furry tummy!
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I am hehe! better still natures menu is 70% meat! I think this is why he's enjoying it so much! i'm off out soon to go buy a few boxes!!
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That's wonderful news!!!! Thanks for the update - I'm so glad it's good news.
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He's putting on weight, I can see! maybe just alittle, but he's looking so much happier, he's playing with me keeping active, having fun. i'm so happy.

He's led on my rug right now fast asleep, with his toy fish!! catnip got the better fo him!!

He loves natures menu! i'm so happy!
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That is wonderful news Claire.
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I am so pleased to hear that he is doing better, fingers crossed his teeth wont be that much of a prob for him either. I found that when my foster had teeth probs, he did much better on dry food than wet food, so you could try him on some dry.
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Oh goodness!! I'm so happy to hear that Ollie is doing better!
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More good news!

Ollie put on alot of weight eating the natures menu and, nutro.

He was doing really well, the vet decided now was the time to take a few teeth out and clean up the teeth etc.

He did wonderfully!!! he had his check up yesterday to see hwo it looks now a week on from having it done, and its perfect! thyroid under control! teeth sorted!

I couldn't be more proud of him! he's looking so much better now, he's weighths gradully gaining now hes eating his meals better.

He's back to his old self, hehe. I LOVE IT.

i'm such a happy mummy right now.

And I couldn't of done it without everyones support vibes, love vibes and friendship here, I always knew if I had a problem I could come here and discuss it, and get the best advice, so thank you very much.
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I'm so releaved for you. These things are just sent to test us and you have proved to be a wonderful Mum.
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awwwwwwwwwwwww what wonderful news

Ollie you sure are such a brave boy - many scritches coming your way from across the ocean congrats sweet boy - keep up the good work!
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Ollie's updates are getting better and better! Now you just have to get the girls' food sorted out.
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Claire...I know exactly how you feel about TCS.
I feel the same way.
Thanks for the good news update.
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I am so pleased he is doing so well.
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