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More prayers have been sent.
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He was sick after coming back from the vet, beacuse he hasnt been sick in a long time, I thought the jab the vet gave him had got rid of it.

He might of pinched some of the kittens food when my back was turned!!

also I forgot to mention, the vet said he has mild gingervitus. but she hasn't given me anythign for it.
maybe there doing tests on the other things first.

i'm worried because he keeps pinching the kittens water, he wont drink it out of his own bowl, hes occasinoaly been pinching there dry food i'm going tohave to moveit from now on....

could they catch gingervitus as well?

I wouldn't want everyone sick, that would break my heart.
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Claire I'm so sorry I missed this. I am so sorry for Ollie and for you. I don't know what to say I just hope so much that Ollie is ok and gets through this
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How is Ollie now? I hope he's better
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Sending more health and healing }}}VIBES{{{ Ollie's way and to you!

I'm sorry to hear that Ollie has slight Gingivitis It would possibly be a good explanation as to his lack of appetite.

I hope your vet will find out what is wrong very quickly, so Ollie can begin to mend!
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Claire, gingivitis is gum disease. I don't think your other kitties can get it just from sharing their food

How is Ollie today?
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Originally Posted by Pui Hang
Claire, gingivitis is gum disease. I don't think your other kitties can get it just from sharing their food
Sorry I forgot to mention that! Here is a link that will give you more information about Gingivitis

I hope Ollie is feeling better soon!
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How are you and Ollie doing?
Please update.
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Sorry for delay in reply, the bloods were back, and he has hyperthyroidism.

Shes given me a tub of tablets, hes on 2 a day morning and night, his eating as picked up alot. he also has been sick since that last time!

I'm really proud of him,

I painced thinking the worst as he's an old cat he's NEVER been under the weather!! hes such a tough cookie. the vet always says, hes in tip top shape!

This came all of a sudden weight loss, hes got another check up in a week now. to see his progress, he's doing well though, i'm going to look up more about thyroid, and see if theres any ways I can help Ollie.

Any suggestions? always loved and greatly appciated.
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The pills themselves should be enough (I've got hypothyroidism, and we had a dog with hyperthyroidism). Just make sure Ollie gets them regularly, preferably at least half an hour before he eats (if you're giving them to him in food, just give him a mouthful of food, wait a while, and then give him the rest of his meal).
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Hyperthyroidism is pretty common in older kitties. There is a Yahoo! support group (Feline HyperT) that is pretty helpful. Watch for signs of itchy ears and lethargy--they can be symptoms of too high of a dose, and 2 (5mg) tabs per days is a high starting dose. Do you know what his T4 was? If you haven't already, ask the vet for his records. It can be very helpful to keep copies of the records yourself so you can watch for changes. Hyperthyroidism is very much a treatable condition.
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Ollies going back tomorrow, should I ask what level hes at?

His eatings gone down hill lately, he wont eat any of his usual food, yet he'll eat some whiskas tins of kittens, by chance my mum tried it only thing we hadnt the kittens hate it so it's never used, I wanted him to eat something, even though it's kitten food....

At least he had abit.

Need to bring this up tomorrow.

my baby.
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do you have tuna ?? tuna juice usually is all Kandie needs to get her eating a bit..
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I would ask my vet what might help stimulate Ollie's appetite.
I'll be praying for you and your sweet boy Claire.
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Thank you. he's a fighter,

I've tried tuna, chicken, cod, and he wouldn't touch it, yet he ate that kitten food I couldn't work out why. But I really wanted him to eat something, I've wrote it all down whats happening and progress so I don't forget.

Don't think theres anything else....... hope I remember everything.
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Originally Posted by missykittystars
I've wrote it all down whats happening and progress so I don't forget.
That is an excellent idea.
I always write down my questions and take them with me to our vet appointments.
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Easier to remember if its infront of you on paper.

I tend to suffer with nervousness taking to people, I get alittle panicy, So it helps to read from the paper, So I don't forget anything important.

Ollies there though, he helps calm me,
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Oh, I DO hope he improves, steadily, and is back to his "old Self" again, really soon! Sounds like you are doing EVERYTHING you can, to help him along, and I think you're great, to take such good care of your little kitty Ollie I know how upsetting it is, when one of our furbabies are so ill!
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I sent more prayers for your sweet Ollie.
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An update.

I asked the vet all whjat I had written down she said his thyroids at 116, which is why she put him on a higher doseage of tablets.

His mouth is still sore from gingervitus so she had to give him another injection and some tablets for that as well, so hes on 4 tablerts daily. 2 for thyroid 2 for his mouth.

this mouth problem has only sprung subnce he's had the thyroid is it connected?

She told me when they tested his kindeys as well, there not really bad, but there not great either. so it's made me really worrying, am I doing something wrong?
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Claire, you're certainly not doing anything wrong! You're doing the best you can!

It's sad that Ollie has to have four tablets per day, but so long as they are causing and improvement, it's a small inconvenience for you both!

His gingivitis could have gone unnoticed for a while - or do you check his gums and teeth regularly?

Your vet might have decided to do kidney tests as she may not know how long Ollie has had the Gingivitis - it can cause trouble Plus it's always better to catch anything earlier as there are more possibilities for treatment!

Sending more health }}}VIBES{{{ Ollie way and to you!
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When I first took Ollie in they thought it was kidneys. but it turned out to be thyroid, they tested for both.

I always check my kittys teeth. Ollies espically as hes old, It's actually hard to tell, she said it's quite mild, when she gave him the jab weeks ago, but she asid theres been no improvemnt since jab and it's got alittle worse. shes hoping these tablets for his mouth will clear it up. heres hoping to.

His eating as picked up since yesterday and we went back in, I think he's not keen on eating because of his gums. I'm mushing his wet food up nice for him, and he's been wolfing it down.

I can see an improvemnt in his eating since yesterday. thanks so much for the health vibes!!

One thing I ment to ask is what do they mean 116 hsi thryoid levels? she said normal was about 65.

I've tried notto be so upset around Ollie and be calm. I've just been cuddling him lots, and we've been playing. oh yes, he's still a kitten at 14, the vet even tells me, No way is he 14!! hehe. hes my playful loving boy!!
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no quoting me but I think thyroid is easier to control than kidney
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Sadly Gingivitis is a very difficult condition to treat I truely hope that the tablets will help him and heal his gums

I'm pleased to hear that he's still eating well though - his gums will deter him, but so long as he's eating, that's great!

I don't know anything about the Thyroid results. Maybe you could give your vet a call and ask them to explain it a little further for you?
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Yeah, I tried to ask when I was there, but I got alittle upset, and when Ollie saw me upset he paniced abit so I focused on hlding him keeping him calm for injections.

I'll ring first thing tomorrow. thanks hunny.
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The pills should help bring the thyroid level down. You'll want to have him retested in two weeks or so to be sure his levels are normal. It's not uncommon for the initial dose to be a little too high, and you may end up needing to cut back. How do you give the pills? It may be helpful to get pill pockets or empty gelcaps depending on the size of the pills for the gingivitus. If they are small enough, you can put both pills together into a capsule or pill pocket so that you only have to pill your kitty twice per day.
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Originally Posted by missykittystars
Yeah, I tried to ask when I was there, but I got alittle upset, and when Ollie saw me upset he paniced abit so I focused on hlding him keeping him calm for injections.

I'll ring first thing tomorrow. thanks hunny.
I know what you mean! I generally tend to be on to the vet when I get home or the next day, as I've not taken in some of the things I wanted to know!

Did you speak to the vet this morning? Did they explain everything to you?

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Ask your vet about METACAM (Meloxicam) for your cats gums. It says for dogs only, but there are abunch of vets trying to get it approved for cats 'cause they use it for all kinds of inflammitory things in cats because cats can't take most anti-inflammitory meds. due to toxic reactions.
It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammitory used to treat osteoarthirtis in dogs (and people). My vet uses it to treat cancer and stomatitis and peridontal disease and fever in cats. Stomatitis is REALLY REALLY painfull for the poor guys and they will not/can not eat 'cause the pains is too great You start with a larger amount for 4 days (depends on size of cat) then only 1 to 2 drops per day. It is honey falvored. I put the drops on a bit of canned food and they eat it right up.
I have had a cat with thyroid trouble. Easy to treat and pretty normal in older cats I am told.
Good luck with your Ollie.
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I really apologise for not updating this thread in so long.

I've not felt like being on the PC to talk about it, dealing with all this as been really hard.

well heres the news on my Ollie.

He went seriously downhill, he's been going to the vets atleast once a week for checkups, he stopped eating totally, And was very very sick, I rushed to the emergancy vets service.

They told me to try some soft slices of meats mushed up. He ate some of it not alot, they took blood to test his thyroid levels a week ago, we had the result yesterday.


Only problem now is his teeth. they've given some painkillers, and there working like a charm.

I feel LIKE IT WAS FATE, i went into pets at home, and they've JUST started stocking Natures menu, I thought to myself with the meat content Ollies going to eat again! normal food.

HE ATE THE HOLE LOT UP. I was hugging him praise lots an lots of praise.

we started off small since yesterday, hes having atleast 2 pouches today, hes doing so well.

They want to check him again next week to consiodor cleaning up his gums. etc. having some teeth removed.

his progress is outstanding the vets have said his thyroids fine just teeth to deal with, was 2 hard things to have at once totally threw him off eating.

I'n so so proud of him. I KNEW HE COULD DO IT.

he touched my heart this morning, usually we have a play in a morning. he hasnt been up to it since these problems but because hes picked up eating yesterday, he played with me!!

we played with the feather wand togather had some food, and relaxed together.

I just can't believe how well hes looking now, hes turned around.

I was NEVER ready to give up, I tried everything every food, now hes eating this food its a true god send.

thanks so much for your support, we need some more eating vibes for him to keep it up!

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Thank GOD!!!! I am so happy right now for you and Ollie I am typing with tears in my eyes. Thank GOD also tha Ollie has such a good mommy who would NEVER give up on him!
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