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Oh my goodness, what precious little babies! And look at proud Momma.

Congrats Momma Lexus, Daddy Tonka, and Grandmeowmy Gaye on your adorable little Biscuits!
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Awww, the babies are so precious - and Lexus is so beautiful!

Can't wait to watch them grow!
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I had a good, sunny day today where I could take a couple of natural light photos ... this one got me to laughing a little bit. I wish I could sleep that well.
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Awww, I would sit and look at that little cutie forever!

I wish I could sleep that well!
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Congrats, Gayef! How sweet to have 4 kittens! They are just adorable little ones, and I look forward to seeing more pics when you can!
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How unutterably sweet!
post #68 of 98 sweet is he? Since there is already darkening on the nose, is that the (probable) seal point you were talking about?
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Originally Posted by clixpix sweet is he? Since there is already darkening on the nose, is that the (probable) seal point you were talking about?
It is still too early to tell, but if I had to guess, I would say Yup, That One Be A Sealy Baby!!
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Awwwww... too cute! He sure looks comfy!
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Oh look at your baby's darling face. :
How I would love to kiss a sweet tummy.
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He is an absolute doll
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Congrats on your beautiful grandbabies I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!
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How could you possibly get anything done!! All I would do is stare at them all day and watch them grow!
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Congrats! They are absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with Lexus and can't wait to see Tonka...
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More pictures please.
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Your wish is my command ...

This is one of the Blue Point Boys:

This is another one of the Blue Point Boys:

And these are the third Blue Point Boy and the Seal Point Girlie-Girl:

The kittens are 2 weeks old and all have opened their eyes. It is obvious to me that they can hear now too. They are fat and seem content. One of the boys will engage in what I can only describe as play behavior with me. When I tickle his belly, he whaps my finger with his front paws and tries to "bunny kick" my hand away. *grin*

One of the blue point boys had a bit of goopy eye whist opening up but it quickly resolved after treating with a warm, damp cotton gauze and hasn't presented an issue again.

Everyone is progressing quickly and normally thus far.

Lexus has been toying with coming back into estrus -- a little post-delivery cycle -- and has been somewhat less interested in staying in with the kittens for the past couple of evenings. Having Tonka here in the house is, of course, a stimulation for her and so I have been forced to confine her for short bursts to ensure the kittens are getting the attention they need. Otherwise, she is eating well, engaging in play behavior with me and visitors to my home and being her normal funny little self. Her body weight is good and she is beginning to get her tone back over most of her body. Her belly looks good, no irritation or scabbing as now the kittens are beginning with cutting in their teeth. I know it is sometimes uncomfortable for her to nurse when they bite down on her.
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Oh my goodness are they ever precious!!
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Just look at Lexus's beautiful babies sweet faces.
They look so soft.
I am in love.
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O O O O O O O O O O -- too, too precious!!
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Gorgeous babies!!!
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I have a quick question.

When I look at your third picture with the blue-point boy and seal-point girl I can't see a difference. Could you tell me or point out the difference? I hope you don't mind my asking I was just curious. Thanks!!

They are gorgeous by the way!!
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Of course I don't mind you asking!

Digital pictures are always subject to the color temperature of the monitor displaying them, so it can be tricky to tell them apart by seeing their pics.

In "real life", you can clearly see the nose and ears on the front kitten are blue whereas the nose and ears on the kitten towards the back are brown.

In fact, they will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and I had hoped the rain would stop long enough to allow a couple more good, natural light photos to be taken today, but at the moment, I think it would be best for me to focus upon building an ark. I already have the Siamese cat-pair assembled ... so there's a start. *LOL*
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Rain, rain go away....
We want to see more pictures of Lexus's beautiful babies.
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...and proud papa

Gaye, I needed the ark over the weekend, you can borrow mine!
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Ahhh! I get it! If you had not explained I would have had it backward.
So the blue-point babies are lighter in color in their nose and feet than the Seal-point babies. See this old kitty can learn new tricks.

Thanks for answering!
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All of the babies are adorable!! I just want to kiss those pretty pink bellies and cute noses!! I have really enjoyed all the pictures. I have been busy with us all being sick, I missed being able to congratulate you, Lexus, and Tonka on your pretty babies!! I can't wait for another sunny day for more pictures!!
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awww Gaye they are precious!!!! i want one!!!! i want more pics!!! good job Lexus
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More pics please Need my siamese fix! LOL
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So much different than mine!
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