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Awwwwwwww, how lovely, Gaye!! I'm glad I took "one more look" before closing down to go to work. Can't wait to hear -- and see! -- more.
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Oh congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Lexus on a job well done.
I can hardly wait to see your sweet babies pictures.
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Congratulations Gaye and Lexus!!!
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Congratulations on your new arrivals! Can't wait to see pics!!!
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That's wonderful! Congratulations Gaye & Lexus (&Tonka).
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Yay..I thought it sounded like it'd be soon. 4 is a nice number..enjoy
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Congratulations Gaye and Lexus!

Can't wait to see photo's of the little ones!
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How exciting! Meeka is officially at week 1, I'm excited again .

I can't wait to see pictures!
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Congrats, Grandmeowmy Gaye!! Great job, Lexus!!

Lexus gave you a love nibble.
I look forward to hearing all of the kitten milestones, and pictures to go with them. PLEASE!!
Give Lexus a gentle chin scratch for me.
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Congrats on the new babies! I am still waiting on my cat to have hers hopefully tonight i hope she is still have little contractions But anyways congrats and tell your cat i said good luck and congrats lol
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Congrats to mommy , good job Can't wait to see them babies
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Awww..Congratulations Gaye & Lexus, I was so happy to see that the little ones had safely arrived in their big new world, as I'm sure you are as well. Take Care & Many happy thoughts your way, Dawnde & Family
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Pictures please.
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The kittens are doing wonderfully, nursing well and resting comfortably between meals. Weights are all good and bellies are fat with taut pink skin stretched tightly across, no wrinkles. They are all progressing normally.

We have 3 boys and a girl. While Lexus was pregnant, we affectionately referred to this litter as her "biscuits" in the oven. There is a long, thin boy we now call "The Sausage Biscuit", a little dainty boy with an egg-shaped belly now known as "The Egg Biscuit", a robust, beefy little boy we call "The Steak Biscuit" and of course, a very sweet little lamb of a girl fondly known as "The Jelly Biscuit". *giggle*

Lex has been a textbook Mommy, very diligent in her duties and always on alert. If one of the kittens so much as whimpers, she is spot-on that baby, licking and pushing him to her belly to nurse as she purrs and trills to him. She still has a very small amount of bloody discharge, but this is normal and will subside in a few days. She has gotten up from the nest a few times and is eating and potty'ing normally.

As for pictures, I am going to wait until I have a day where I don't have to use the flash ... the few that I have taken are with the flash taped over with toilet tissue so I don't hurt little developing eyes, but they are dark and without a lot of photo-manipulation, they are not very good. I promise as soon as I have something worth seeing, I will post it.
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Congratulations! Is it the much anticipated rainbow litter or are they just the two dominant colors?
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Originally Posted by Abymummy
Congratulations! Is it the much anticipated rainbow litter or are they just the two dominant colors?
I don't know yet as the point colors in Siamese kittens don't develop for a couple of weeks. Since Tonka and Lexus have only produced Blue Points and Seal Points in past litters, I have no reason to expect anything other than those colors in this litter.
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I can't wait to see the little ones. Congrats on the healthy birth!!
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Your Grandbabies sound adorable.
I love their cute nicknames.
Lexus is such a good Mommy.

Thanks for the update...
I'm hooked.
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Here is one of the first pictures of Lexus and Her "Biscuits"

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Oh my! What gorgeous little bundles of fluff! Lexus looks like a proud Mom.
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A picture of the happy family.
Lexus looks stunningly beautiful, even while she is nursing her babies.
Her Biscuits could not be cuter.

Congratulations again....
You have done a brilliant job.
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They are beautiful ... How long till the pts start to develop?
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Thanks y'all, I am so blessed to have an excellent queen in Lexus. She really does all the work while I get all the fun. *wink*

Their point colors really won't start to come in for about 2 to 3 weeks, but I am beginning to be able to see a darkening in one of the kittens - I think this one will be a Seal Point. One of the boys has quite clear bluish tones to his tail, so I am almost certain that one will be a Blue Point. The other two are still quite pale yet and I have nothing to go on. At this point, their paw pad and nose leather is a dark rose pink, so unless they are pink points, it's still anyone's guess. *grin*
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Whatever, Gaye...they're gorgeous! Such little sweethearts, and such a proud Mommy.
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Gaye, can you post a pic of Tonka for us? I'd like to see a picture of Dad.
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Sure thing ... I just need to run out and grab some new batts. Evidently, the pictures I have been taking (and which have not been turning out well) drained the batts, so I will do that directly (still having my coffee) and get a couple of the proud daddy. *smile*
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Maybe your "pink points" will finally be lilac or chocolate!
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