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Her Majesty, Princess Gracie (cuteness alert!)

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Gracie, in true calico form, is starting to have an attitude about how little face time she gets here on TCS. SHe is a true diva, nay, princess, and she wants the same kind of lovin' the other calicos get around here.

So she has requested...wait, scratch that, demanded her own thread.

ANd I obliged, because not only am I her slave, but I think she's ridiculously adorable.

How can you NOT fall in love with this face

Princesses deserve to lounge on organza

Mom, how many times do I have to tell you that hanging the organza up won't deter me, Princess Gracie, from lounging upon it?

If you don't make me a thread, I'll take matters into my own paws!

Ok, unless you pet me. THERE! That's the spot

I'll knead your belly!

How can you look at this face and not find it adorable

And then this one, just because it a)demonstrates her strange obsession with plastic bags and b) she even looks adorable in a plastic bag!
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She is absolutely beautiful! I love the one of her at the computer taking things into her own hands (ummm paws).

(I have a Princess Gracie at my house too!)
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Awwww...She is adorable!!!

That one in the plastic bag is great!! And it really does look like she is writing her own thread!!
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Awww...she's beautiful. She certainly has settled in, LOL!
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What a beautiful princess you have there!
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She has a lot of personality!
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Aww, what a pretty pretty princess!
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She's adorable!!! I love all the pics!! Her face is just too cute!!
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I can't even pick a favourite one because their all just so sweet!

What a gorgeous poser she is!
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ohgoodgrief - she is soooo adorable
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her HIGHNESS is aboslutly beautiful!
Loved the one of her on the puter!
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Oh goodness me. Rosie! You might have a sassiness challenger!!!

The one on the computer? Brilliant - how many of us wait ages just to catch a shot like that?? The knead the belly is my favourite though....her expression is so `You are getting sleeeepy, sleeeeeeeeepy'...
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What a cutie! love her eyes too... make sure you put the parental kitty control on the computer while you're gone! don't want her surfing any inappropriate dog sites LOL
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