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Oh boy have they had fun today.

I started tiling the kitchen.....

Come on Charlie these boxes look like great fun

Get out Tommy I want too try

Cute pose in box mom quick get the camera...... foiled ya .....

OK is this cute enough for you it's the best I can do the box fell over

I want a gooooooooo
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OK we have had a sleep lets jump on the water bed

No no Charlie don't hurt me

I'll just use this cushion for cover

I am shattered all this playing is tooo much for a Ickle Ickle puddy Tat

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Oh they are just so cute!!!
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They are so adorable!!

They look like they had a good time!
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What cute pictures!!!
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They are absolutely adorable!
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You've got some gorgeous babies there

I love to see kitties playing like that
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I love to watch them too, but the good news is that Charlie is starting to use his tail again. You can see in the picture its a bit scrawny and still a bit swollen at the base, but he twitched the end of it yesterday
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What cute pics...and kitties. They are such a pretty "pair".
What kind of kitty is Charlie? He looks like he`s marked like a siamese....but i`ve never seen one with the orangish coloring like him before. How pretty!
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They're having so much fun!

You certainly have some gorgeous babies there!
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They are stunning! Is Charlie a Tonkinese? His colouring is beautiful!
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Tommy is a moggy (DSH), the colour seems peculier to the island and we have no idea where the gene comes from. All the others in the litter were normal moggy colours, if I remember rightly, calico, black & tabby...

I think it is sort of an Albino/Ginger because he has blue eyes and blue skin.

I have seen several cats around the island like him and had set my heart on havingone, then one day I went to SARA (to visit...always fatefull) and said I will only get another if they have a cream one with ginger points ....and there he was.

Arrived home and tried to smuggle him in without OH seeing him but was caught.....luckily it was love at first sight and he is very much Chris's baby.
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Both of your kitties are adorable.
Great action shots.
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Love them!!!!
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There absoutly lovely.
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