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Free window washing!

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I took this video of Reilly at my parents place. That's my voice in the video

He does this all the time...he doesn't really want out (he's an indoor kitty), he'll do it to mirrors too
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Awww, that's too cute. I have plenty of windows for Reilly to wash!
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How cute is that?!

Send Reilly my way, he can do my window's too!!
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love it! That is so cool.
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Reilly is so adorable!
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Dexter is a window washer too.
Good Job Reilly.
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Miagi says to Reilly "wax on....wax off....wax on....wax off!" ..Reilly is a cute little sweetie
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Oh how cute is that!?! Riley you lil handsome man! You've sure gone and impressed the ladies now!
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Awwwww that is so cute!! Sophie sometimes does that to the bath panel but with both paws at the same time and i always wondered why?!
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AWW thats just to cute!
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Awwwww That's so cute!

I once caught Tibby doing that on the inside or our french doors and Charlie doing it on the outside! It looked like they were dancing!
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I love you Reilly!
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May I borrow Reilly one weekend. I have a tone of windows that need to be washed and he looks like just the cat to do it!
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How much does he charge??? He is just too cute!!!!
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That's way cute - Tosca does that too... mostly when there's a bug outside... or rain... or snow... or birds... or anything else that moves, actually!! I always loved watching cats do that... it's much cuter when you know they don't really want to get outside....
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How cute is that????
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I think he may be waving to all his adoring fans gathered outside LOL
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I love your kitty!!!
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Hey you!! Handsome man Reilly!! I need my windows cleaned too!
Garfield does the very same thing to any door or window....
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