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Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is coming up soon and I don't know what to get my mom. I want it to be a surprise, so I don't want to ask her what she wants. Last year, hubby and I took our moms for brunch at one of the nicer hotels around here. Any suggestions?
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How about a day (or half-day) of beauty? For graduation, my friends got me a half-day of beauty at a local beauty salon. It included an hour massage, manicure, pedicure and optional hair styling/makeup. A group of us went together, and it was a lot of fun. Or, just a massage would be nice-you can get ones for $30/30 minutes.

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Ahhh, good old Mother's Day. It's the one holiday that is very sensitive for me. I need to do something for my step-mother but I have not idea what. I'm short on funds but I would like to do something really nice and since she is in Oklahoma that could be rather difficult. Anybody got any ideas?
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Sending flowers is always a hit, or go to baskets.com and shop around there. My mother loves Estee Lauder so that will probably be her gift this year.
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Mother's Day ===> great. I'm sure I will hear about it.... As you all know, I haven't seen my mom or dad since her birthday party in September. I think they've pretty much gotten the idea not to ask me to do stuff. They still don't get it, though I called to say hi, about oh 2 weeks ago or so, and guess what?? no call since then.... You'd think that they would have gotten it by now that it would be nice if they would call, but NO. So, anyways, I'm not looking forwart to Mother's Day. I'll send a card a few days ahead of time and I'll call on that day..........
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My mom loves angels. We have these 3-D porcelain angel plates, at work and I got her one for Xmas. There are several so, I'm getting her one for Mother's Day, too.
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I like taking the mothers (mine and hubby's) to concerts (eg Sarah Brightman) or musicals (Lion King and Mamma Mia). It is great that Toronto has such a great theatre district!
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You could cook for her, a nice brunch or lunch. This is what I am pondering for mother's day this year. It's so much more personal than going out. Although going out is fun, too.
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Thanks for the ideas everyone! My mom loves the color purple, so I looked around and I found these lavendar color slippers that have "mom: embroidered on them. My mom is always looking for someone's slippers to wear, so I'm sure she'll love these!
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Whatever you do don't go to collectablestoday.com. I bought my mom a really nice pendent there for mother's day and had it billed to me and shipped to her. I didn't tell her I was getting her anything so when she called me the other day at work and asked if I had bought her something I thought she had got it.

Instead she tells me she gets a letter addressed to her from them and when she opened it the letter was addressed to me and it was the invoice for the gift!! So now she knows what I bought her AND how much I paid but still hasn't recieved her present yet.

I called the company and asked if this was a normal practice in their buisness and the operator told me no and she didn't know why that was sent to her.
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