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sporadic peeing

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i'm not sure if this has been discussed, forgive me if it has, but my little blue has been peeing very erratically for the past month and a half. just last night she hopped in the dryer when my back was turned, i was about to take the laundry out and fold it, and she peed in the dryer all over the clothes! and she's peed in the laundry basket, the closet and my bed. i'm incredibly worried. she is going in to get spayed next week, could this be why she's acting this way? because she's in heat?


she hasnt peed on the floor or any cold surfaces which might lead me to think of crystallation(sp?), but seemingly instead, warm places... could she be angry with me? the litter is always kept clean, so i dont think thats it...


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i posted this under Behaviour instead of Health & Nutrition because it seems more of a behaviourial thing...
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Might want to get this sorted out before spaying - you mentioned being in heat - how old is she - if so she might have started marking her territory - talk to your VET. Has anything in your environment changed, type of litter, location of litter box, etc. IF she is a kitten she is a little young for UTI My Vet advised that this rarely happens in kittens - but one never knows. My little by now 12 months stated meowing while peeing - finally figured out that it was behavioral not physical (go figure). Good luck to you both
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Yeah, definitely get her to the vet to check for UTI before she is being spayed.

Do you see any other signs of her maybe being in heat?
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she's not in heat right now, she does this every once in awhile, seemingly regardless of whether she's in heat or not. litter is fine. she's over a year old, though she has barely grown, so she still looks like a kitten. UTI? urinary tract... ?

thanks for your responses.
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Yeah, females can spray but I would ask the vet about a possible UTI Urinary tract infection. Then if shes all clear, then the spay would help with the spraying issue.
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she's also developed a bigger appetite lately, i forgot to mention this... coincidence or not?

it's strange for her because she never really ate too much before, now, she meows a lot more for dinner... and eats everything in her bowl.
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Hmmmmm...yeah a vet check would be good. It may be that she has some worms. Eating more than usual is a good indication.
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I have a female cat, Boo, who has done the same thing going on 2 years now. She pees on clothing if left on the floor or on towels. She did not start this until I had her for about 1 year and I too keep the litter clean so I know this is not the problem. My vet once mentioned something about a seperation disorder and reccomended medication but I never went through with it because I don't know how I fell about giving my cat medication for a personality disorder. Keep me posted if you find out the cause! Good luck.
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i took her to the Vet, and they did a uranalysis, and she had crystals in her urine, she is on the approriate cat food to break it all down she also had her spay, but considering it was her first time to the vet and away from mom, i think she's coping well. thanks for all who replied and were concerned.
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I'm glad you found out what it was and that she's on her way to recovery!
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