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Sam Got Micro-chipped

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Sam had his annual wellness visit with the vet yesterday. He is in good health and charmed the office crew. I had them micro chip him since I found they do it without anesthesia (our other vet did). The chip is injected under their skin, between the shoulder blades. That was one big needle, 8 gauge to be exact. When I can see the hole in the needle without glasses on, it's BIG.
Sam didn't even meow when they did it, what a good guy.
So I'm heading back with Clio this afternoon, it's her turn. We'll see how she takes it. I hope Sam didn't tell her what she is in for.
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Good for you for getting them chipped! Good kitty for taking it so well!
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I had Mocha and PoohBear micro-chipped while I took them in to be neutered. Now as everyone makes their yearly visit they will be taken care of as well.

With the number I have, I set up a yearly calender so I visit the vet once a month.
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your such a brave boy Sam Hope you told your sister that it didnt hurt at all
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Aw would you give Sam an extra hug and kiss from me for being such a brave boy!

If I worked at your vet's office I would find some excuse to keep Sam overnight just so I could cuddle with him.
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All of my babies are micro chipped. I did Levi & Jordan because they were door dashers. I did the others just in case. I live in an appartment & I'm always afraid the landlords going to have to come in for something & someone will end up getting out. (It's never happened. I'm just a worry wort) Good for Sam, he was much braver than my Jordan. You see Jordan freaks out & tries to kill the vet every time he's there.
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I just got back with Clio. She gave one "maow" as the needle came out. That was it. Unbelievable that they don't feel that needle.
More good news: Clio lost 2, as in TWO pounds. Yipee. I was free feeding them last year and after last years vet visit, I was reprimanded for Clio's weight. I started putting food out just twice a day. I hadn't weighed her, but she and Sam look like mooses (moosi?) next to Pru who weights 6 pounds. So I was very happy to see the loss, specially since it was the same vet who lectured me last year.

from Yosemite: Aw would you give Sam an extra hug and kiss from me for being such a brave boy!
Gladly, he's one good kitty and deserves that every day, I'll let him know it's from a distant admirer!!
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First humans...
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Way to go Clio on the weight loss!!!!
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Originally Posted by UNSCleric
First humans...
Well, it's a little different since cats can't tell their rescuers where home is and who to phone. That, and collars can be either dangerous or faulty...HUGE ethical difference there, IMO. Yeah, it seems a little Orwellian at first, but in reality, it does quite a bit for the greater good and safety of those who have no voice. We reunite several cats a year with their owners thanks to this technology at my shelter.
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I had my kitties chipped at five years old after a series of earthquakes and fires in my area.
I have no doubt that you made the right decision to chip your kitties.
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First humans...
Hey, I use EZ Pass too! Are there no limits to how dangerously I choose to live?
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I wonder how Oliver's gonna take the chipping... he's usually a pretty good boy - I guess if he can take his mama cat having picked him up by the scruff as a kitten and I can take a 14G needle to my naval, he'll be ok... haha the skin in the scruff is pretty thick so that helps.... glad your kitties were so good!

And heck, if the president is secretly wire-tapping phone lines, us humans have no escape at this point!
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Poor guy! I saw them re-chip Mooch. I guess the first time they didn't do it right because they brought them back out in a carrier they had without realizing I had my own there and they both managed to escape in the office. So when they caught Mooch they found the chip in her fur and had to do it again. The cool part was I got to see what it looked like.
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Something I forgot....

When we were at the shelter adopting Mooch and Noodles a family brought a dog in they had found. He apparently got out of his collar because the people said they put one on him and the leash was theirs too. The dog was chipped and we were still there when the shelter called his owners, who were ecstatic about him being found. I was happy to hear it too!
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I know this is an old thread, but I am posting anyway.
First: they DO microchip people already.
A fellow Forgotten Feline person lost her beloved BEBE, a pretty non-discript black cat to everyone else, who she had microchiped. 2 (yes TWO) years later, a non-discript thin black cat was turned in to a local shelter. LO and BEHOLD! They scanned the cat and it was BEBE! She was beyond herself with joy at having her beloved boy back.
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