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well I grew up with cats my whole life....and we usually had 3 at a time. I am a big animal lover and I just think cats are the cutest things. My mom also collected numerous things with cats, so our whole house had cat things everywhere.

My husband never had animals when he was growing up, but as soon as we moved into our first place we got two cats and he became an instant cat lover (I wouldn't of had it any other way). Anyone who married into my family had to be a cat person....lol.
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A cute little pregnant stray showed up on my porch one day, and I started feeding her. She stayed long enough to have her kittens, and for us to find homes for them. Fred and his brother showed up a few months later. I suspect they were her kittens. She would visit occasionally after we took in Fred and his bro, but never stayed. She went to live with a family on the neighborhood who had her spayed and kept her mostly indoors.
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When I was a teenager my neighbors had indoor/outdoor cats that were really friendly. (Unlike my grandparents' uber-crabby cat.) I wanted to get one ever since, and about 15 years later I finally did!
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I was lonely and didn't have time for a dog.
I like cats much better.
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My first and only pet as a child was a brown tiger-striped feisty little beauty named Katy. She pretty much hated everyone except our immediate family, but she sure loved us. We got her at a mall pet store when I was about 4, and she passed away when I was almost 23 years old. She had a long, happy life as an indoor-outdoor cat.

My junior year of college I was living with my then-boyfriend now-husband and 2 other guys in a horrible townhouse I now call Calcutta. Your typical college squalor. It was February, and my grandmother had just died and I felt a little lost and lonely. Enter Oliver, who I found at a Petsmart adoption event on a dreary Saturday afternoon. We brought him home and all 4 of us helped care for this tiny little ball of fluff. My husband had never had a cat as a pet and wasn't so sure, but once Oliver started sleeping on our bed he was hooked.

So, I guess I've always been a cat person, you could say.
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Honestly, I think I was born that way. One of these days I think science will uncover the "cat person gene"...probably from analyzing my chromosomes!
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I grew up with cats and dogs, and would like both, but I can't have a dog with working full time. i wasn't going to have any cats after my housemate moved out though, I was going out a lot at the time - then one desperately needed a home, and things have kind of escalated since then. Then when my second housemate moved out, I started fostering, so rarely go out now!! My family can't understand why I want more than one cat, despite the fact they have all had animals in the past.
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We always had animals in the house but most of all cats - so no conversion needed - I always was a cat person
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