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How did you...

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...become a cat person? I'm curious!

I "blame" Katie (in a good way!) who was my first cat. I grew up in a family where dogs were the preferred pet. I still love them, but when it came time to get a pet of my own, I thought a cat would be more suited to my then crazy single lifestyle.
So, I ended up with a tiny, black kitten about whom I was totally clueless. Katie taught me well, though, and it wasn't long before I had developed true love and respect for these sweet, beautiful, funny creatures.

Anyone else?
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We had the barn cats for years & I always loved them. One day, a deaf little kitten become very, very, very attached to me as mama didn't feed her. So, I became mama & she followed me up to the house everyday & slept on the front step in a box I made into a home for her. Everyday, she came into the house whenever I was home. She got tons of canned food & much better dry food than the stuff outside. Then, dad backed over one of her feet. It was he who decided she should live in the house so she doesn't die(today, he regrets that decision as I have accumulated a large number of kitties-temporary & permanent). I think the "official" moment I became a cat person is when this tiny little 6 week old kitten became so attached to me. She would groom me & I would groom her. Now, that 6 week old kitten is 3 years old & rules the house, me included.
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I was never a cat person until we adopted Harley!

I was kinda against getting him in the first place (never had a cat before!) but when we got him - I was instantly in love! Now I want MORE!

Harley changed me into a cat lover, thats for sure!
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I've had them since i was 7 years old
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Umm I was born that way? I have always liked cats. Just somehting about they way they are independant yet needy at the same time.
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I'm a born cat-lover too. As a kid, I always had a cat. Our families first was named Ninah. It was supossed to be Dinah, but I couldn't pronounce my D's yet.
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This is great. I love how some people are born cat lovers, while others (like me) are converts!
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I think I was born that way too since I can't remember a time when I didn't love them as well as the calves, my baby pet lamb, dogs and other farm animals we had.
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Our neighbour had a black and white cat when i was a kid. He was a terror, all purry one minute and a demon the next. But i was hooked.

We had 2 tortoises for a while and when we were old enough we were allowed hamsters, but it wasn't until i had left home and married that mum and dad got a dog. But i knew i was a cat person.

Unfortunately our first house was so small and near a very busy road so we decided to wait until we could afford to move.

So 5 years later we moved to North Wales and once we were settled it was straight to the local rescue centre were we got Smudge our little vampire cat. Her upper cannines always showed, just like a vampire. Lost to cancer at 12 years old .

Then along came the naughtiest kitten we have ever had, TC. She was a little chatter box, never stopped. She was a roamer tho' and was killed by a car when she was 3 I thought the hurt would never go away, and it never really does.

Jake, Jasper and Jazmin arrived as kittens, Izzy was 8. Jasper was lost to peritonitus

So despite all the heartbreak, i will always have a cat in my life.

My husband became a cat lover by default, a case of love me love my cats
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It's hereditary. I got it from my mom and she got it from her mom. (And then there was Mom's maternal Aunt who collected the neighborhood strays and fed them as well as her housecat Snooky.)

There was a cat in residence when I was born, and mom did tell dad that if he proposed it was a package deal. He'd get a wife, daughter (he proposed by asking to adopt my sister) and a cat! He liked that deal and mom's cat soon became his cat!
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I think mine was hereditary too- my Mom is a total cat lover and I think there's been a cat in the house since i was 2 (when my parents moved to a house from an apt where no pets were allowed) and since then I've never been with out a cat- I love dogs too though, always had one of those growing up also
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My stepdad fostered for a shelter and we would have up to 10 at any given time (bottle babies, strays, etc.), his preference were the big black tomcats (or any black, black/white, cat for that matter). When I turned 12 they stopped fostering and I haven't had a cat since. I was never a cat person, I thought they were more independent, never listened, dirty with the litter box, etc. I didn't have anything against them, I just couldn't see me owning one.

I just adopted a pair of "brothers" (shelter and owner said so, but they don't look or act anything alike) from the shelter a few weeks ago. The owner surrendered them, and while I was picking up a dog, I saw and fell in love with Morris. I promised that if they were still there on their last day (in 2 more days) I would come back and pull them, then find them homes. The days went by slowly (and I called the shelter the minute they opened and right before they closed to see if they were still there) and they were still there, so I faxed in the agreement the night before they were scheduled to be gassed. In the morning I called and was horrified to here the director (I think) saying that he wasn't sure if they were still here and he will see if they were there. He came back and said that he put them in the area to be euthanized, but he put them back in the adoption area I don't think I ever drove as fast as I did to pick them up!

I brought them home and I knew that minute there was no way they were going to leave. I have bonded so much with Morris. Thurman loves to cuddle and be with you, but he is skittish. Morris could care less what you do to him and he loves to be right there with you, in the morning I wake up to him kneading my back (or head!) and I am sooo thankful I made the decision to adopt them!

Cats have won my heart
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I guess it just comes naturally to me... I've never really "become" a cat person... I've jsut always "been" a cat person....
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It was Leo's fault!!

I've always been an 'animal' person, but finally having my very own cat turned me into a cat person
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Originally Posted by eilcon
...become a cat person? I'm curious!

I "blame" Katie (in a good way!) who was my first cat. I grew up in a family where dogs were the preferred pet. I still love them, but when it came time to get a pet of my own, I thought a cat would be more suited to my then crazy single lifestyle.
So, I ended up with a tiny, black kitten about whom I was totally clueless. Katie taught me well, though, and it wasn't long before I had developed true love and respect for these sweet, beautiful, funny creatures.

Anyone else?
Change "Katie" to "Shasta" and "black" to "tabby" and you have my story. I've always loved all animals, but that was how I came to be particularly a cat person.
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i became a cat person after i moved out of my parents' house into my own place...i was 21. my mom really is not much for animals, & she REALLY doesn't like having a litterbox in the house. so all we ever had growing up were dogs. i wanted a pet, & was practical enough to realize that a cat was a much better apartment pet than a dog... & the rest is history! since then, the only time i've been 'catless' is when i was returning to college. altho i brought my cat with me, she died before i graduated. i was living with my parents again, so did not get any 'replacement' cat[s] until after i was finished with school & gainfully employed again.
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As long as i can remember i've had cats around me....but i'm a huge animal lover anyways!
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When I was really little, I loved looking at pictures of cats, and playing with real ones when I got the chance. After a while, I asked my mom if I could have one, and when I finally got her to say yes, I got my first kitty, a siamese, that I named "Sassy."
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I was born into a house with 4 cats.....3 siamese (2 seal point..Suki and Dino, and 1 lilac Tish) and 1 DSH named Misty. So I became a cat person the day I was born!
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Originally Posted by h~chan
When I was really little, I loved looking at pictures of cats, and playing with real ones when I got the chance.
It's kind of like how my whole childhood was inundated with Littlest Pet Shops, Puppies in my Pocket, Pound Puppies, Pound Kitties, Kitty Kitty Kittens, Puppy Puppy Puppies...ALL of those pet-related toys (I even had a Tamagotchi!) and so it came as no surprise to anyone that I'm a pet person.

When I was really little, we had a pair of yorkies who passed away before I was very old and I always got to have hamsters, gerbils, fish, lizards, turtles, and even an albino rat whom I called Templeton, after the rat in Charlotte's Web. But never any dogs and cats for the bulk of my formative years. Now, with 3 cats, I'm looking forward to having a house or condo that will aloow me to add a dog or 2 to the mix!
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It was fate.

I grew up in a dogs-only house. No Cats Allowed! Well, as it turns out, both my mother and father had a special cat in their childhoods (they were farm kids, so these were "barn cats"), and when they lost their special friend it hurt so bad that they both (independently) decided to never have cats again. But I always thought I was a dog person who liked cats too.

But I married a cat lover, and one night we talked about how much we missed having pets, but we couldn't afford the deposit yadda yadda yadda. The next night Ophelia was trapped in our wall. Two days later we thought we lost her (that she had snuck out somehow) and brought Trent home. I've been an obsessed, crazy cat lady ever since.
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I really don't remember, just that I grew up with them and always loved them. There was a period in my life where my parents wouldn't let me have any, so once I moved out, I got as many as I wanted!
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I grew up with cats, but once I met my husband I did not think I would have one again. He has issue's with animal hair...Well I did a little research and found these hairless babies!! We now have 6 of them!
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I can't remember not loving animals. I've always been a cat person I suppose.
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I've been a cat person as long as I remember. We adopted Tinsel when I was 2 years old. I've had cats ever since.
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I was born 2 b a cat person , I guess...no...Im sure I was born 2 b a cat person. I luv cats wit my whole heart since Im a child. There was a day when Im at 13, my father kicked my cat hardly just bcos the cat scratch my little sister's left leg. I'm telling my father that the cat cant see something shaky. The cat is just want 2 play. Seeing my sister crying like hell....my father bcame so so he kicked the cat. It makes the cat so scared then runaway. I for many days n became cos I cant find my cat. I hate my father bcos of that....until now, Im still cant 4get that day (I already 4give him).....since that day, my important determination that I will get cat as many as I want when I leave home. Now Im 29, Im still have cats in my house eventhough my parents always thought that Im so stupid wasting my money just bcos of cat. But I dun care what they thought of me as long as Im n Im glad that my hubby also a cat person. N I dun care what other people around me saying that becos of the cat until now Im still dont pregnant. Its most of the Malaysian old people conservative thought. But who cares ????
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I've always been an animal person. I don't know where it comes from. My sister and parents didn't dislike animals but never had any desire to get a pet till I came along.

When I was little my parents tried to assuage me with first a goldfish, then a hamster and a bird, finally they got me a cat-a sweet smart tabby I named Petey. I was nine and that was it! I've never had a dog but always at least one cat. Maybe someday I'll have dogs along with my cats.

Isn't it funny how some people just need to have animals in their life and others can take 'em or leave 'em. Although I think my father secretly liked having the cats around esp. the Siamese he got me for my 16th birthday, she lived to be 18 yrs old and died the same year my father did. I know they are together at the Rainbow Bridge.

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I had a cat when I was born and I can't remember a time since that I didn't have at least one. They are just so adorable and cute, I just cannot resist them! In fact, my baby Zenon is laying on my computer desk right now. She's so precious!
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Well, my parents had a pair of Siamese when I was born, but that "special" cat came along at Thanksgiving when I was 10. A Huge, Enormous 18 pound black male cat just showed up one day. After a few days it became apparent he wasn't going anywhere, so in he came. He was MY cat - slept with me, under the covers, and was my constant companion for the next 8 years.

When I met my husband, he told me he had to introduce me to his cat...I knew he was a keeper!
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There has always been at least one cat in my household. When I was born my family already had a beautiful tiger striped baby who actually lived to be 22 years old (she died when I was about 17 or 18). My family loved dogs, but has always been more partial to cats, so it was just bred into me. Right now I'm dying to have another little sweetie, but sensibility tells me I'm too much of a poor graduate student to handle that. So for now it's just me and Waffle, with my roomie and Coco!
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