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DT Wednesday

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Hey everyone!! I hope you all have as nice of weather as I do right now. Although it is cool outside, the sun is brightly shining, putting me in a great mood!!:tounge2: I love spring/summer!!!!!
I have done nothing really today except make me and my boyfriend breakfast. Gotta work later on today...ugh. Oh well, it's almost friday.
Have a good day everyone!!!!!!!
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Here, it's sunny with blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Mid 60's, too, and I'm stuck at work next to a very large window that lets me see just how nice it is. Later, doctor's appointment for carpal tunnel (and here I am, typing away....)

Enjoy the day
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Its sunny and suppossed to be in the 60s here today. I have alot of stuff to get done today, but I am too lazy and I want to do other stuff (as you can see that I am on TCS and NOT doing my work). :LOL: Later I am going to go tanning and to the gym. Did anyone get anything for Administrative Professionals Day? I haven't yet. Have a great day everyone! :daisy:
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Unfortunately, the job I am at now (almost been here a year) they do not recognize Admin. Prof./Secretaries Day or even Bosses Day. At my old job (I was there for 5 years) we always did both. For Bosses Day we had an office pool where we donated for their gifts and then we took them to lunch. On Admin. Prof./Secretaries Day we all got a rose and maybe a little gift and then the bosses took us to lunch. I really miss my old job, they really knew how to make you feel appreciated.

It's starting to get hot and humid here in lovely Houston and will remain that way until October. Basically, for half the year we are hot and humid. So, for us we admire the beautiful day from a window in an airconditioned building I can take the heat but it's the humidity that makes it so miserable here, not to mention the lovely air quality We continually trade off with LA for the worst air quality/pollution in the Nation.

Okay, enough whinning from me. I've really been in a bummer mood lately so maybe a party will cheer me up

:daisy: :kitty5: :rainbow: :baloon: :splitter: :blubturq: :LOL: :rednose: :afrorainb :martian: :laughing2 :clown: :laughing: :flash: :pinky: :icecream: :tounge2:

There, much better!!!!
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Well I've got the same weather as falling rain as we live less then 1 hr from each other! Crappy kind of day as I am back on the phones - I was covering for someone on holidays and they are back today. At least it is payday woooooooooohooooooooooo. Anyone going to watch the special Survivor episode tonight?
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Nice out again today, but I sure wish we would get some rain. The fire season has already started and it usually doesn't get going until June! There's a pretty big forest fire southwest of Denver, about 50 miles away. Within an hour it grew 100 acres last night, and no real rain is in sight for us.

They took us out for lunch for Admin Professionals Day on Monday. Nothing today so far. Sabra - that sucks that they don't "recognize" this! We get overlooked and taken for granted most of the year, the least they can do is take one day, or even 10 minutes, to say that they appreciate the work you do. (I'm not saying all bosses are horrible to their Admin staff, but I guarantee that no office would be able to run without them. We may be lowest on the totem pole, but without us they couldn't do any business!)

The Avalanche have taken a 3-1 lead in the series against the LA Kings. Yeah! :girly2: :girly1: Hopefully they can win again on Thursday and we will advance to the second round of playoffs!

Boy, I am rambling today, huh? Hope everyone has a great day! Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all us office workers!!
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Happy Administrative Professionals Day Everybody!!!!!!!
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Pretty boring day here so far. Going to go tanning on my lunch. After work I'm going to the gym to swim laps. Or I'll go home and ride my bike. Haven't made up my mind yet.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all my hard working friends at TCS!
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Is that what they call Secretary's Day now? The political correct way I suppose? LOL

It is beautiful here right now, and I went to till the garden to get it ready, but it is still to muddy so hopefully by May 1st it will dry out a bit. So today we start installing the tub and fixtures for the master bath. Plus we just got 2,000 knives in for repair! PUMA bought a company going out of business and sent us all the old knives that were stashed in the shipping and repair room, so we will be busy for awhile.

I passed yet another dreaded math test- at least part of it, it comes in 3 parts, will take the other 2 parts on Thursday. So will be studying today.
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Today is nice and sunny, but a bit cool. Nothing special today. I am taking a break from learning Excel. Val, I understand about the forest fire thing. We get them here since Utah is mostly a dry, desert state. Its going to be Cinco de Mayo in a couple of weeks and I hope to be attending the festivities. I will explain more as teh day draws near. Hope everyone has a great day.

BTW Hissy. Is May 1 when its time to plant the seeds?
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When is there going to be civil servants? I deserve a day too!

I want to wish those who are Admin Assistant the best week ever at work! Have a party!
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Sunny here. About 65 degrees. I wish it would rain. Or even better storm. I love tornado season.
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Things looking better, here. Not moving, after all. Work 4-11 today and off for 4-day weekend. Bill and I are going away and try to work things out.
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It is storming here. It makes me really worried since my kitties don't much like storms. they make them nervous. I have to go to work soon so i won't be able to be home with them and making sure they are ok. bummer kind of a day here.
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That's great to hear Cindy! Glad things are going better.

Hissy - I think we all got promotions and didn't know it! LOL Yup, used to be Secretary's Day, now Admin. Prof. Day. Too many sensitive types who took offence to being called a secretary.

Poeski you must be a masochist! I love the thunderstorms of summer, but wouldn't want to live in the real tornado belt. Yipes!
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I am usually off at 5:00pm but had to cover for someone's evening (due to vacation)...not too bad, but dumb me I came in at my regular time and was sent home..(nicely of course)Boy, did I feel like an idiot!!!

Ohio is having a really nice weather today! I so love spring, flowers blooming, birds is good
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Just got back from a bit of mid-week grocery shopping. I don't think it's a personal best but I managed to drag 5 full bags of groceries and a 28 lb bucket of litter up to my apt. I hate making two trips . Luckily, the weather got warmer while I was out so I could drape my jacket over the litter (no pets allowed here ). Thank goodness this place has an elevator. But, those hallways have never seemed so long.

Happy Wednesday .
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