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Carpet, is it safe?

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I've been cutting carpet and lining the rock windowsills with it so that Puppy can jump up without getting cold feet. He seems to like it.

He also likes all the carpet scraps I made in the process. He's decided that carpet scraps are his new favorite toy. Is this ok? He likes to chew things, but i don't know what carpet is made of. I'm particularly concerned about the backing. I've seen stores sell carpet mice for cat toys, and of course cat trees are always made out of carpet. Is it ok for him to be chewing on them though?

(Oh, and his new game is sitting on the carpet while I'm trying to cut it. And batting at the scraps that are still attached because I'm still cutting. This project is taking longer than expected.)
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I'd say the carpet liners are a good idea. As for him playing with the scraps, I think that's fine so long as he doesn't try to ingest a thread. Is he actually eating it or just chewing?
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He just chews on it. His new favorite toy.
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Well, it's not healthy, but I wouldn't think harmful if he's just chewing. However, he may develop the habit of chewing up the good carpet on your floors!
We have old carpet scraps lying around for the boys to scratch. They're pretty good about not stratching the good carpet, but they sometimes do. Sigh, can't really blame them for that I suppose!
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Well, we're in an apartment with awful carpet, so he can't really make it worse. He actually doesn't chew it unless he can bat it around and chase it. He leaves the large pieces on the windowsill alone, but he's now got about 10 pieces of small scrap that he plays with!

I love it. We spend $30 on toys, and now all he plays with are carpet scraps, the toilet paper roll, and pens. At least he plays with Da Bird.
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