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exciting news!!

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My husband just rang and said we are gonna get a cat from one of his friends at work!! Its a little 3 year old girl,i know my other 2 wont be happy but i just couldnt say no to her because iv got plenty of time and love to give another little one.Im hoping she'll make friends with freda because i know freda is quite lonely and would like a friend to snooze with.I know lily will be very angry about it,im gonna have to think about introductions now and get everything ready for her.Im not sure when im getting her yet,hopefully sometime on saturday.Il post pics of her in the fur pics section as soon as i get her.
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Yay! That is so exciting! I am glad you can take this new kitty in!
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awwwwwww...that is exciting!!!! congratulations and let us know how everything is going with the big introductions!!
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Fingers crossed for a hassle free introduction
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May be some bad feelings at first...but hopefully before long everybody will adjust and get along wonderfully!
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Awww brilliant!!! Just make sure you give them love and affection and they'll be fine

I can't wait to see her now Have you thought of a name?
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Here's a really good article on introducing cats, if you haven't seen it before:
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oooooo fingers crossed! It sounds lovely! Oh and Heidi, I'll have a squizz at that article too, thanks!
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Thanx for that article valanhb,il have to have a good read through it.She already has a name which i think il keep because its quite cute.Shes called florry(i think thats how its spelt),which means all my kittys have oldish names.I will keep you all updated.
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Is it as in Florrence?, it could be Florrie if it is Thats nice still

As long as she doesn't get " Flo "
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Yeah thats right, thanx for that, im no good at spelling! Florrie, that looks better
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Just a quick update,My husband is gonna collect florrie after work tomorrow so im getting excited!
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That's great news!!, I'm sure the other 2 will adjust quickly
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