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I'm just at my wits end!

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Ugh I feel at my wits end!

I wrote about my illness not long ago.

And i've been on the dole, trying to look for work, because I couldn't claim benefit it was taking to long to go through, and I was going months without a penny!

I've become wrose with my heart, and the job center, i'm totally unfit to work right now, I could just pass out, and really injure myself.

So i'm trying to claim incapcity benefit, and it could take months to go through, I can't go months without money! I live with my mum and little brother, shes on income support, as shes a lone parent, because i'm 20, She doesn't get money support for me, so I pay her with the benefits I recieve.

I'm really worried about not having money for a long perooid of time, Missy needs to be spayed, and the kittens need to be neautred.

there has to be a way? My mum said it's illegal for them to justy stop benefit completely, if your sick and should be claiming incapacity.

I'm really worried ,about not being able to give my mum money. is there like an emergancy money they have to give out and not leave you with no money at all?

I feel so upset today....

me and mum my were arguing about Missy and the kittens, she told me that they have to go outdoors, because in summer, everyone leaves doors wide open, i'm so worried about it, the roads, ok there not hugely busy, but still.

Missy in the summer I was waiting for some spaying vouchers to come through, everyone left doors wide open, I just asked and said please close the door, one door, is all they need to close, but they didn't Missy got out several times, I coudln't cope, I had to stay in most summer to make sure she didn't get out. my mum was just saying to me, dont expect us to close doors for you, we will keep them all open if we want.

So I made suggestion of when I go out, to leave cats in my room, with litter box, i'm not allowed to do this either. no litter boxes allowed upstairs she said.

I'm so upset, she agreed for them to be indoors only, now I'm going to be worried sick when I go out, if they get out and shes leaving doors wide open, theres just no need for it.

Once my mum thinks shes right, she wont change her mind. I don't see the problem of them staying in my room, my rooms huge, and it wouldn't be for long.

I just don't know what to do.
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I know how frustrating it it waiting to hear about benefits! I'm in a similar boat! I hope you get something back from them soon!

Maybe you could contact PDSA or one of the other charities, they can offer financial help for veterinary fees and may help you with the spays and neuters!

I hope you will be able to convince your Mum about letting your kitties stay in your room while you are out! My three all go into my room when I go out and they are fine with it! It does keep them safer!

Good luck and many to you!
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Claire like Sarah said have a word with the PDSA, or The Blue Cross because they should be able to help you, also try The Cats Protection as well.

To speed up your claim with your benefits ask your doctor to draft a letter regarding your illness so you can send it on to the benefits agency.

You need to try and talk to your mum though about the kittens or they could be in the same situation as what Missy was
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Aaw Claire Im so sorry you are going through this.
What is the outlook for you, workwise? Are you going to get better do they think or could it be like this for a while?
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I know what it's like to go for so long waiting for SS... oh actually it's the DWP now isn't it? To get a grip of what they're supposed to be doing. You virtually have to be on their doorstep all the time and refuse to go until something is sorted out and fast, otherwise it gets filed away for "future use" and never surfaces again. Three times I had to re-fill papers that they managed to "lose". I'd suggest you go down there, with the drafted letter form your doctor and explain firmly your situation. Refuse to leave until you get something sorted out on the spot - and if all else fails, request that you speak to a person higher up - demend to know what is going on and if you slip in the phrase "I will be speaking to my MP" it tends to do the trick.

All they do is sit and use rubber stamps on bits of paper anyway, and nothing comes of it... pen pushers.

It's a pain to be stuck in this situation, but if you push the right buttons you can get it sorted relatively quickly.
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