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Won't sleep through the night!

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Our much loved Kitty (2 year old female calico) sleeps with us, at least she is supposed to SLEEP with us! She spends most of the day on our large fenced patio chasing birds, catching a few unfortunately, catching lizards and climbing up the fence to spy on neighborhood dogs. She has very busy days and hardly naps at all. In the evening we play with her (both my wife and I are home by 4:00PM), we give her quite a bit of attention and "quality time" for instance grooming her every evening. We love our cat!

We go to bed fairly early, 8:00 - 9:00PM as we go to work very early. Our cat won't sleep past midnight or so and when she awakes whe meows until we pay attention. She wants to go downtairs to eat but won't go alone (are cats afraid of the dark?!) and she demands to be petted. It really messes up a nights sleep.

What do we do? Anyone here ever solve a problem like this? If we lock her out of the bedroom we'll all be unhappy and I bet she'd howl about it for weeks.
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Wow! and I thought I spoiled my kitty!
How about putting some food upstairs...that way in the middle of the nite she can eat without going all the way downstairs! I don't think that cats are afraid of the dark...I think it's more like she is playing 'control' games with you and your wife.

Perhaps if you put some food upstairs...and when she starts pesting for attention in the middle of the nite...just reach over and pull her into your (or your wife's) chest and imagine all the love you have for her...going from your heart center into her. She'll feel the energy and know that she is loved. you could also tell her that you both need to sleep...for you are human. You'd be surprised at how much kitty's understand...when we speak clearly to them.

Remember...cats were worshipped as Gods in Ancient times...they have not forgotten this.

good luck!

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Puffkitty beat me to it! I would also suggest keeping a bowl of food upstairs. That's actually where we keep our food and water bowl - in the bedroom (we don't have a downstairs - just a 2 bedroom apartment). It sounds like kitty is very attached to you! I really like Puffkitty's suggestion for kitty wanting attention. Snuggles work with everyone's schedule!
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For the sake of everyones sleep, Casper and Kitty are sleeping in the bathroom. We are lucky, they don't mind it at all, quite the oppsotie, they love their bathroom and esp. the sink. I'm not telling you should lock your cat, just telling what suits us. Before locking C & K for the night, they wrecked the place, everything was on the floor, papers were chewed, not picture frames left, etc. You get the point.

Here they are in their beloved sink

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I see you have two cats. I tried that. I figured that Kitty was lonely. When I brought the new one in (after spending a fortune on the vet, shots, etc., my Kitty screamed and howled, cried and made it so abundently clear that she did not want company ... that I found anoother home for the other cat. She wants to be an "only cat" I bet your cats don't come and get you and take you outside when you'd rather be in watching something good on TV either!

You know a couple people said "control games" or some such and the cat is winning! I think like most guys, I am so used to being bossed around by women that the cat, being female, has just got if all figured out. You know why you should not trust a man who says he is boss in his home? He probably lies about other stuff too!

The real problem is I love so much (first time I ever had a cat) I love her so much I let her push me around. She is perfect in most ways ... doesn't scratch furniture, is not destructive, is gentle and considerate ..except at night.
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Hi Mark and welcome.

First off, I am moving your thread over to "Behavior", where it may get a few more hits.

My older cat used to be a real pain in the neck at night too, but eventually stopped. There were a few nights I tossed him out of the room and closed the door, though. Now he sleeps on the bed at the foot and leaves me alone. He kind of just stopped being annoying all on his own.
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Along with the other suggestions, and as hard as this might be, have you tried ignoring the cat when she tries to wake you?

There's nothing wrong with a scratch or two when she comes over to you but you need to let her know that this is your sleep time.

I have to close my purrball out of the bedroom (there's just too much trouble for him to get into there). He sometimes paws (not scratches) at the door to be let in. I used to jump up, open the door and squirt him with some water. He doesn't paw as much now but when he does, I ignore him and it doesn't last too long.

Since it sounds like your cat gets plenty of exercise, it seems that she just doesn't want to adapt to a human's schedule (cats are nocturnal creatures). Stand firm, be strong and see what happens.
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Thanks Vikki!

I have heard all of that stuff about sleeping 18 hours and all. On Saturday and Sunday, when I am home from work, I watch "Molly" and she maybe takes an hour nap after lunch but she hunts in the backyard all day and goes to bed when we do. I guess cats vary in how much sleep they need just like people do. I don't need much sleep, thank God! I get maybe 4 or 5 hours so perhaps I deserve a cat that sleeps very little. I have to admit though, I love when she is so affectionate at night. Sure, it wakes me but when she plasters herself up against me and purrs ... no way I can lock her out in the hall.
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It has been so long that you wrote your problem Mark but i have the same problem with my cat (he doesn't sleep at night at all). if you found a solution please let me know.

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