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In lots of pain, anyone help?

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OK here's the lowdown. Over the last few days I've somehow acquired a painful rash on my right thigh. It started as just a mild irritation that I coudln't shift, but it's turned red and angry looking. Now, I know for a fact this isn't a fungal infection of any sort, because I'm very meticulous in my hygeine so, I figured that it was because I'd been wearing my long thermal underwear under my jeans and they'd been rubbing... or perhaps my washing powder hadn't totally rinsed out of some of my clothes. Not a worry, I re-washed everything and I stopped wearing the thermals (and boy I'm regretting that because it's damned cold). The rash hasn't gone - instead I've also gotten a rather painful swollen lymph gland in a rather inconvenient place I'm wating to hear from my doc about getting an appointment, because I know it's going to have to be checked out. I'm not overly concerned because I'm fairly sure it's going to be something like a minor infection in the gland and the rash is bound to have some explaination like an allergy - that's what it feels like, anyway. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to cut back on the pain I'm feeling at the moment - the lymph gland in particular is the worst, it feels like a rock and I just want a little relief to be able to sleep a bit better I've tried painkillers, but they don't seem to be strong enough and any stronger meds have to be gotten from the docs themselves.
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Rashes are not good - despite whether they are caused by a skin irritation or an underlying internal infection. It very well may be nothing, as you say, but if it is getting worse, and is now painful, don't wait for your doctor - tell them it's important!!! You poor love, keep us posted
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I'd love to... but I have to call again tomorrow because thy're booked up
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It couldn't be shingles could it?
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don't think so... it's very localised, and in all other aspects I feel completely fine
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I know they're booked up, but seriously, I work for a doctor, if it's something urgent, the doctor will fit you in. Even somewhere like where I work, where he's booked up three months in advance, he'll still see you if it's serious.

When I call my GP, who's always packed full, all I have to do is say `asthma' and I see him the same day. Good secretaries should know what is important and what can wait - have you explained to them what the problem is?
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yeah, but it's a bit tricky with the language barrier! The receptionist was really nice though, apparenlty they only have one of their doctors in today (wednesday is half day here) so she told me to call again tomorrow morning and she'll put me straight through to a doctor to talk to and then I can arrange with the doctor when I can see them the same day.... it's better than nothing!
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Could the rash be impetigo? Not sure if thats the correct spelling. I had this few years ago on my thigh and it wouldn't go away. I think I must have picked up the infection while swimming. It was very sore and I ended up at the doctors to get a dressing for it every few days and also strong cream. I even had to be tested for diabetes because I couldn't fight the infection.
I always thought it was something children got but obviously I was wrong...
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Yup, you definitely need to see a doctor. In the meantime, though, you could try 800 mg of ibuprofen (that's four regular 200 mg tablets) to cut down on the inflammation. Only take that every eight hours, though. And it won't reduce the inflammation at the regular "headache" dosage of 400 mg. It has to be 800 mg for inflammation.
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IF your DR can't fit you in, can you go to a walk-in clinic?
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there's no such thing as a walk in clinic here.... you pretty much have to be walking in with severed limbs and at death's door if you want to do that!
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Originally Posted by evnshawn
Yup, you definitely need to see a doctor. In the meantime, though, you could try 800 mg of ibuprofen (that's four regular 200 mg tablets) to cut down on the inflammation. Only take that every eight hours, though. And it won't reduce the inflammation at the regular "headache" dosage of 400 mg. It has to be 800 mg for inflammation.
I hope this doesnt get her so drowsy that she has to sleep
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If you think this may be a bartholin's cyst, you can try warm baths and warm packing it, and hopefully you can get it to begin to resolve. The hard swelling at the least sounds like an abcess - even if this isn't a bartholin's cyst, and warm soaks should help. My bet is though that yes, you will need antibiotics as well.

I do hope you can speak to a dr and get seen in the next day or so!
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I'm not sure what you have. DH had shingles a few yrs ago but his was around his waist and really painful!!! Then blisters came a few days later.
Can you wear looser fitting clothing. Would a cool compress help??
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I was thinking an ice pack might help, too. Maybe a warm soak followed by an ice pack?!? And no matter how clean you are, you can get a yeast infection. Our bodies have a balance of "fauna and flora", and the yeast infection is just a sign that there is some imbalance. Maybe you can look up rashes on line to see if you can identify it?
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I am more concerned with what may be an abcess...for that, heat only. Best of course, get to a doctor....which I know you are trying to do. Please keep us posted.
post #17 of 26 -- this is a very informative site- they have pictures of every kind of rash you could ever think of, or you can just select an area of the body and it will cover all the ailments that could affect it is a good site as well

Hope that helps some
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Originally Posted by fwan
I hope this doesnt get her so drowsy that she has to sleep
It won't! I take 3 at a time regularly and for bed I take 3 Aleve! Pain is pain and sometimes you need something STRONG for it!
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I was thinking cyst, too. I've had a few of those and had to have them lanced and drained. In the meantime, hot soaks are best.
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Shingles was my first thought too. Is the rash in a "patch" or a "line"? The lymph node in the groin is swelling (IMO) because there is some sort of infection going on, and that's where the "recruits" are coming from. I've had swollen lymph nodes there from a "regular" yeast infection, so it can be from any type of infection. But if there is really bad pain or streaks leading from the area, that is an emergency, and you need to get to a doctor PDQ!
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Hey Emma, I hope you get that rash looked after ASAP. I've never encountered anything like that.
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it's really wierd, I have two "lines" and a "patch" The rest seem to be really small"patches" The big Patch is incredibly painful and the lymph node isn't helping. My doctor has just told me I can have an appointment NEXT THURSDAY!! She asked me if it was painful, I told her very and all the time.... so what does she do? She just gives me a whole week to suffer it! I'm going to be lokoing elsewhere.
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That's a long time to wait when you're not sure what the problem is. I hope you can find somewhere to get an earlier appointment.
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I agree, find someone else to see...keeping my fingers crossed for you. How frustrating (not to mention painful )
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I would SO be going somewhere else - even to the local hospital emergency department if necessary. I would think that much pain warrants it. And then you can let that hopeless doctor of yours know what the problem is after it's been seen to. What a stupid woman
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I'd be going to the hospital as well.

Thank goodness my doctors durgery don't let patients wait that length of time.
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