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Tuffy took a nasty fall,,,

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Hi, My Tuffy is turning into a different cat since he got fixed a little more than a week ago. He is acting more like a 6 month old kitten, Tearing around all night and getting into everything.

A couple days ago he took a nasty fall, I don't know what he was after but he was trying to climb onto the top of a real tall dresser in the bedroom, There is a phone sitting on some phone books and he tried to dig his claws into the books to pull himself up and the books and phone and Tuffy all came crashing down. He bounced off the edge of a big wooden VCR tape case that is next to the dresser, and he landed in a basket of clothes with the phone landing on top of him.

I was suprised that he didn't run off and hide like the others do when they think they did something wrong or get scared. He just sat there for a minute like he was waiting to see if he hurt himself, then he turned and looked up at the dresser like he was thinking "OK that was a dumb move, I won't do that again" So I got worried when he didn't move right away that maybe he hurt himself bad so I went over to him and picked the phone off him, A big regular corded phone, not a portable, And then I picked him up and petted him for a minute and put him down and he acted like nothing happened, It sure takes alot to get him to loose his cool lol. I was laying on the bed watching TV because my back was hurting so I saw the whole thing happen.

But he just started doing this kind of stuff after he got fixed. Like I said at the start, he is turning into a different kitty cat, he also spends less and less time with me which makes me sad sometimes but I am also happy to see him acting more like a normal kitty cat thats into everything and acting nuts sometimes. Is it normal for a cat that is a little older to change his personality after being "fixed" ?

All I can say is kitty cats sure are tough little animals after seeing what they do to themselves and don't get hurt.
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I am glad Tuffy is alright, Tom! That had to be frightening for you to see!

I have known older male cats who spent the first several years of their lives being stud boys in a breeding program and once allowed to retire, they were neutered ... afterwards, a lot acted just like the playful, silly kittens they were never really allowed to be as youngsters.

You did a good thing for Tuffy by neutering him. Now, instead of being totally fixated on reproducing, he can be a dorky little boy whose only interest in life is having fun and napping in warm, sunny spots. *grin* Enjoy him.

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I think Tuffy will take a little while to calm down, hormones etc.
I'm glad he's ok though, they give you a fright sometimes don't they!
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I am sorry, but I had a little chuckle as I read this - silly Tuffy!!! your right though, they are tough critters arent they! bless him! Glad he is okay but I am also hoping he is having lots of fun
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He is fine, but its like having a new kitty again to get used to.

I discovered that he likes to chase a tennis ball when I bounce it on the floor. He stands on his back feet and tries to catch it in his front feet, real funny to watch.
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I'm glad Tuffy is okay.
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Tuffy is a good name for your tough kitty.
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That must have been quite a sight to behold! Could his playfulness be due to the improvement in his health, rather than the neutering? As Lauren said, it's a bit early for it to have made a big change in his behavior yet.
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Maybe too he has a touch of spring fever!!!
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I think maybe its alot of things, but Tuffy sure is a crazy nut compared to what he was like. He gets more goofy every day.

Before he would play for only a few minutes and then he would loose interest and go to sleep. Now Tuffy and Rusty are going full bore allot of the time they are both awake. If Rusty don't start it then Tuffy will, they chase each other all over the house and up and down the stairs.

Sorry for getting off the health topic here and more toward behavior. But I think it has alot to do with getting him fixed. Its like others have said, He don't seem to interested in making babys with Panther or our big dog anymore and just wants to raise heck and have a good time now.
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Originally Posted by Tom W
I discovered that he likes to chase a tennis ball when I bounce it on the floor. He stands on his back feet and tries to catch it in his front feet, real funny to watch.
I'd love to see a photo of Tuffy doing this.
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I can try and get a picture of him doing it but it will be hard to catch him at it. Our digital camera will take video but I have no idea how to post something like that.
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I figured out what he was after on the dresser when he fell. He was after the antenna on the police scanner. He was eyeing it up tonite trying to figure out how to reach it.

He also has started to climb on top of me when I am on my cell phone if I am laying down to chew on the antenna. He won't take no for a answer either when he gets fixated on something.
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Tuffy is one tenacious cat.
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