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I took my cat (glass) to the vet today because her tummy seemed to be bloated.I noticed it about 2 weeks ago but i thought she was just getting fat.I had her in the vet 2 months ago and they did a senior blood panel and everything came back normal.I decided to take her to the vet just to be safe and the vet felt a large mass towards the top of her belly.She doesnt know what it is she said it could be cancer and if it is thats not good So glass has a ultrasound on thursday and that will tell us what it is.im so scared that it is cancer.If anyone knows anything about cancer It would sure help to know whats going to happen to glass if it is.
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Wait for the ultrasound, there are so many types of cancer, and some are much more serious than others. I know it is hard but try to think of good things and not dwell on what could be. Good luck!
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yes. Cancer is not nice, but it may be f.eks. a cyst, they are quite common. These are usually fairly easy to remove.

Be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

Good luck!
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Until someone reads the ultrasound, you really won't know. I hope that if it is a mass that it is just a non-cancerous tumor. Sending good thoughts and vibes your way that everything will be O.K.
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Originally Posted by captiva
Until someone reads the ultrasound, you really won't know. I hope that if it is a mass that it is just a non-cancerous tumor.
I agree... let us know what the vet says once the ultrasound has been performed. Fingers (toes & paws) crossed that this is nothing serious
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I'm so sorry your kitty and your are going thru this. Sometimes the not knowing is the worst part. I have delt with 2 kinds of cancer in a dog and have a friend whose cat has cancer. Both of which showed nothing in their blood tests. Please let us know what the vet has to say on the ultrasound.
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how did the ultrasound go?
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I have everything crossed it isn't cancer.
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The ultrasound turned out to be good news.NO CANCER She has a large benign liver cyst they said that This is likely congenital,and though it could slowly enlarge, is considered relatively incidental at this time.I am so relieved I just new it was cancer I had had bad luck with my other kitty i just lost him a couple months ago he had polycystic reneal disease I also lost my dog we battled kidney failure for 2 years and it finally won.I want to thank everybody for your replys and support.It helps to know you have somewhere to turn to when you need someone to listen and who truely cares.
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ohmy what wonderful wonderful news
will they do anything about the cyst? or will you just wait to see if it does get bigger?

I am so sorry that you lost both your cat & dog not long ago Its never easy to loose a loved one - and yes we are always here to offer whatever advise/support we can

Congrats again on the great news
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Am so glad to hear it is benign. Sorry to hear about your other animals, you must have had a rough time recently.
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