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It was snowing this afternoon I got some pictures of, Star and Simba checking it out!!

Started off as an ordinary day, Star having a nap!


Simba come and check this out?!?!

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Hehehe! They look like they like it!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Hehehe! They look like they like it!
They were I got a video of them diving at the window. can't figure out how to upload it though.
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How gorgeous....btw I love your doona cover!!
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I love your bedroom colours BTW!
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Awwwwwww and if their anything like my two i bet they sat there for ages watching it fall
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Gosh, you did get snow, didn't you!!

Star and Simba really look as though they're enjoying their snow show!

Tibby and Molly enjoy trying to catch the snow flakes when we go out for a walk when it's snowing! Willow is yet to experience it!
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we've been getting snow since Christmas eve and it hasn't stopped much yet. Tosca is the same getting into the window and she sits for hours chasing the flakes. It's ok when it's gentle snowfall... but when it starts blizzarding she doesn't know what to do with herself!!
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I wish my cats would chase the flakes They are really cute!
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AWWWW.....I think they enjoyed the "snow-show". I especially love the one of Simba gazingup at the snow falling down.
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They really did enjoy the snow! It's cute how they hung out together at the window like that.
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Originally Posted by missykittystars
It was snowing this afternoon...
today, it was 92 degrees fahrenheit here...
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