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mad at an entry clerk

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does anyone know in showing say that your friend wants to exibit a kitten but doesn't have an entry in if you can submit her exibit for her? omg I am mad right now we already paid 100 dollars for a hotel and 25 for the exibit and the entry clerk is being a pain I couldn't even find it anywhere in the rules please I need advice Asap

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Not sure I understand. Does your friend have a cat they want to show? or you are letting her show a cat that belongs to you?

If the entries are closed, then no more cats can be accepted. If they are still open, then she can put an entry in. Can you clarify?

BTW I've been an entry clerk, so I know a little about it.
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I believe you have to enter your own cat but you may assign a person to show the cat for you forgot what its called tho. Is that what your asking?
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If you are showing another cat for someone you would be the "agent" of that cat
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Did you/ she miss the entry deadline, or did you enter and something went wrong with the paperwork? I guess we need you to take a deep breath and give us a little more information.
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well we kind of have this under control so far the entry clerk can not prove that there is a rule about that so I'm not sure more info later.
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I still don't understand what you are upset about. You have not explained the problem. We can help you better if you explain better. You never answered any of our questions about this situation.
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well she said that in the summary form that it states that the the person who owns the exibition has to own another cat in the show. so my baby will not be in the show. Okay sorry I didn't explain it good but some of the questions were not really regarding what I said. Well the situation was this my friend tried to enter my kitten as an exibition because I want my kitten to be used to his first show and I have no other show quality ragdolls. Well after we booked the hotel without cancel and sent in the payment for the exibition the entry clerk got back to us and said that my friend could not enter my kitten as an exibition because it isn't her cat. That is what I was mad about. Well this is over with because she wasn't going to budge.
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Is this what you mean? You only wanted to enter an "exibition only"? and no other entry? That is correct - you can't just have "Ex-only" and not have another cat in the show.

If your friend was showing her own cat in the show and you wanted your kitten to be "exhibit", then the kitten would have to be "owned" by your friend and you could go along to help out.
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