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Mine came without names.
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Only one - Cairo was called Bootsie. Bootsie!! Uggghh. She was only 8 weeks, though, so it hadn't stuck.

Sunday didn't have a name, so we were able to start from scratch with her.
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Mooch and Noodles came un-named. Pumpkin and Bunny both came named. Mom had been around Pumpkin at the SPCA and it stuck. Bunny was 3 when we got here and answered to it so I just half changed it to Hunny Bunny (cuz she's sweet of course!) but we never call her that anyway. All my other cats came un-named. Well except Tiger because she was my step-father's cat when he and mom got married.
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Most of the cats I've had in my life have been strays so there was no previous name. If I did get a pet from the shelter and they had a name I wasn't fond of I'd probably change it.
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Tedy was Garfield before we adopted him
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I was the first to name my cats.
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I have an all of the above lol I did the first one

Kandie had a name by her first grand meowmy but I dont remember (17.5 yrs ago)and Kandie Apple Kane was 11 weeks when I got her( I had named her Tiffany before meeting her)

Peggy(RIP) was Dots ( If i remember right as I was 1 yr ) ... parents and grand parent had arguement ... Granny won the first name parents first became her middle Pepper

Joey(RIP) Woey( what a four yr old me called him) was named by Mom as they met when he was a weee pup of 8 weeks

Gigi came with Gidget I kept it cause she fits it and she was 3.6 yrs when I got her

Simon(RIP) Leeroy I found at about 5-6 weeks I named him

Zoey Woey was Darla

Patsy Leah was Nikita didnt fit at all

Soon to be kitty Frankie had a name who know s what .. I only request to give her jean as a middle name
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Zoey - no name, we named her. My daughter was 2 at the time and wanted to name her Big Bird after a Sesame Street character. After some "convincing" by her parents, we settled on Zoey, another Sesame Street character
Peanut - was Peanut when she was brought to the shelter cause she was only 1.2lbs at 8wks (the little runt), so it was very appropriate and stuck
Snickers was Latiffah - changed cause Peanut and Snickers were adopted together and we were goin for the food theme. That and she just didn't look like a Latiffah (what does a Latiffah look like anyways?), she was a calico with tons of color - like a Snicker's bar!
Pebbles was Stella - At the time we just didn't like the name, but I do have to say that Stella kinda fits now. Every time I look at her I think of that movie...."Stella, Stellllaaaaahhhhhh". We picked Pebbles though cause she's rough and tough and not very "gracious", so we kept thinking BamBam, but since she's female, we went with the obvious partner to that duo - Pebbles.
Molly was Bea - It just didn't seem to fit her. Bea comes across to me as very dominent, manly almost. Molly is quite the opposite - tiny, petite, shy, etc.
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Benja came to us as Bear but we had already had a few cats called Bear so we changed it to Benja.

I named Lonestar, Bridget, Sophie and Elmo.

Our little man (1 month) is still unnamed.
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I voted no they came without a name cos i've had them since they were babies. It was their 2nd birthday on the 18th February.
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Laura got that name at the shelter and we liked it, so she is still Laura, but depending on her behaviour she will also be called "sweetie", "our baby girl" or "that little bi***" if she's been demolishing the kitchen, for example

Carter actually was a stray at my parents' house who had long before belonged to a family in the area but when they moved away, they left him (how cruel is that!?! such a cute and easy going cat...!) and when he turned up in our backyard, we referred to him as "the male", in German " der Kater".
When last May I moved in with my bf - and the male as well! - we took him to the vet and to make it look a bit more like a name, we changed the spelling to Carter.
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Jamie had a "baby name" from the foster home when we got him. He was "Tercius", since he was the third-born.
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
Tedy was Garfield before we adopted him
But was Toby named Festus?!?!
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Rocket was just called kitten and Mica is registered as Baligem Constantia and her breeder called her nancy (def does not suit her personality!)
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Originally Posted by cagnes
I agree! He just doesn't look like a Downy!
Thats very true!

He's definately a Harley!
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Maverick was called 'Spice' and Jupiter was born to us.
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I have to answer "several of the above"

Penny was a found stray with no known name. I took her because
it was me or nothing, but I felt guilty taking an animal with my then
hectic lifestyle. So I figured she was "Penelope" to my "Ulysses"
and she'd spend lots of time waiting for me. I miss her. RIP

Tigger came to me named, and knew the name, so I didn't
change it. I miss her, too! (RIP)

Sarah came to me as a foster, and ended up my cat. We renamed
her Cinder (she looked as though she had been dipped in coal), but
she never really liked it, so now, when I think of her, I call her
Sarah in my mind. (RIP. Sigh.)

Treat and Trick are my new semi-ferals. I could have renamed them,
since they don't know the names even though they've had them for
2 years. But Trick is a card, always looking for trouble, usually by
tweaking Treat's tail, and as Holloween sisters, the names just really

Had I renamed them, I was thinking of going with Greek/Roman
goddess names, like Artemis/Diana or Hera/Juno. But, T&T it is!

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Mine were strays that came unnamed. Nya's name just came to me her second day at the house, and it was perfect. Buddy was named by Matt and my roomie, and I have disliked his name from the moment it was decided on. I had MUCH better names for him, ones that actually WORKED for his personality... Bean, Atreyu (from Neverending Story), Mugatu (from Zoolander!), Goose, and others, and I keep trying to change his name, but Buddy is just sticking like glue Most of the time he gets called sh*thead anyways lol.
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India's name was Babette which was kind of weird and unfitting
Elliot's name was kept that because he learned it IMMEDIATELY when the shelter workers named him
Noir was Katana but I didn't like the guy I stole her from so I changed it
Da-Ku was always Da-Ku
Pwne, Kinks and Merlot we found them and named them
Bowie was Chloe previously I took her and her sister Star temporarily for a guy who's landlord was doing an inspection and he never came back to pick them up. Never heard from him again.
Nella and Emma I helped my mom name

And thats the whole extended kitty family
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Yes we changed our cats name. When we were looking for a cat at the RSPCA I already knew I wanted to call my cat Evie. And then I saw her, the girl i wanted to take home and she immediately became an Evie.

Her orginal name was Poppy, although she didn't suit it at all and never came to that name or played any attention to it. But when we named her Evie she came to it and reconised it really quickly. She is now often called Eviecat and she loves it.

Eva x
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Samuel's name was originally Cole, as in Old King Cole was a merry old soul...etc.

It fit him, but it also happened to be the name of a particularly infamous exboyfriend of mine.

It took me a good week and a half to think of something else that fit, and while Sam may not be original, it works for him.

He doesn't exactly answer to it though.
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Zenon's original name was Bic, I believe. And Cleo was so young, she had not yet been given a name (the owner was trying to not get attached to the kittens by giving them names when she knew she couldn't keep them all).
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Summer had her name when we got her. It suited her, and she already knew it well. My mom recently got a 2 year old cat named Kitten. She now knows and responds to Kallie.
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Calie's name I did not change when I got her because she is a calico and it fit but Dark Side was origianly named Ewok. That name did not sound right and did not fit him at all. He is also called the computer kitty because he sleeps on or next to the keybord when I am on it.
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Opie was originally Garfield - how trite!

Rowdy didn't have a name - she earned hers

Buddy's name fit him.
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Cole was already 10 yrs old, and I figured since he was used to his name, he should keep it. Ditto for Nefertiti and Osiris (although I would have picked those!) Tilly had her name for the 9 yrs before we adopted her, and we kept that for her, as well.

Lilith was Toy. Sorry, she's a cat, not a toy.
Romeo was Sparky, which reminded me too much of the dog on South Park LOL.
Sasha was Pooh Bear, and it just didn't suit him.
Khepera had been Stinky, which had been changed by the shelter to Tinker.

All the others, we've named.
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yeah we had to.... she was called Emma just like me! Rune was fed up of being ignored by BOTH of us!!
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Zakk was abandoned. I don't know what the original "owners" called him, but the family I got him from was calling him Hillside, b/c that was the street in Worcester, MA he was living on.

Rocky was called "squeakers" by the foster family, b/c he had, and still has, a very squeaky meow. I believe the little girl named him that!

Suzie & cookie were found outside, and my co-worker was calling them "snuggles & sweetie" or something like that. That only lasted 24 hours. We did call cookie Jelly for the first 2 months or so.
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All of mine came without names so I would have to say no I didn't change any of their names.
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Limerick was "Johnny Outlaw" he was so sweet that I felt that name didn't fit. So Limerick it was and he seems to like it.
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