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Help me out guys...

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Ok, a while ago I posted saying I was going to get a Retriever puppy from my nephew- turns out shes not even pregnant. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, they may just be getting her spayed and forgetting the whole thing.

Now, heres the best part. I have my eye on a doggie at the local shelter. Shes an adult terrier mix, and has been there a while. I'm going to be going back to work (after a short hiatus) in September, and she will have to be alone for about 4 hours a day since hubby goes to work at 1pm. Is that cruel to leave her alone for part of the day? We'll be building a nice big pen for her in the backyard so she'll be safe.

Also, any idea how terriers are with cats? I don't have a lot of info on her background yet, but I'll be speaking with someone at the shelter tomorrow. I know that her temprament will depend largely on what shes been exposed to.

Anyways, to any of you who've adopted a shelter dog, please give me any advice (dos and don'ts) you can. Thanks

This is the pretty girl herself- any clue as to what mix she may be?
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Just from my experience, not say that ALL terriers are like this, but they tend to chase them too much. They are very good hunters and like to play with the kitties. I am assuming your guys aren't going to like that much. I would talk to the shelter, most do testing to see if the dogs are cat friendly.
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What an adorable dog!!!! I have a terrior mix mutt, Scruffy...he is wonderful with my cats....they sleep piled on top of him! But I'm sure this isn't the norm.
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Melissa, I'm sorry to hear that you're not getting a Golden puppy but I am glad that you're looking to the shelters.

4 hours is not long at all. As long as she has fresh water, toys to play with and if she's going to be outside adequate shelter from the elements.

As far as how terriers are with cats, it varies with dog to dog. Terriers have a high prey drive and they can view cats as prey although this doesn't mean they all are like this but it helps if they have been socialized with cats. Mixed breeds are great because although they may be mixed with something like terrier in this case it doesn't mean they'll carry on all of the breed traits.

I adopted my Lab from a shelter and I have no regrets. It's been a long hard road(she had no manners when I adopted her) but with a lot of patients and time she has become a wonderful dog. I believe that rescued dogs form a tight bond with you and are forever greatful.

If you want you can pm me with any questions you may have about her or any dog I will be more than happy to answer any questions since I've been there and almost any problem you can run into I've delt with it.

BTW It's hard to say from that picture what she's mixed with. Maybe American eskimo?? Have a better picture?
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My terrier mix ethl loves playing w/my cat cosmo. Ethl and my other cat lucy sleep together, but rarely play.

I wouldn't worry about leaving her alone for a few hours each day as long as she has food and cool water.

I hope that you get her, she looks beautiful!

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I don't really have any advice to give, but good luck! I hope everything works out ok.
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