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Sudden tail droop

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Hi folks! I came home a couple of days ago to find that Cleopatra's huge fluffy tail was drooping; I think it happened all of a sudden, because I didn't notice anything unusual previously.

She is a domestic longhair with a giant fluffy tail, 20-plus years old, bad kidney disease, went pretty much blind a couple months ago.

Her tail now looks like one on those horses when they make the base of the tail stand up a bit and the rest just falls downward.

I don't know if she suddenly developed some muscle weakness that caused this (she has had back-leg weakness for at least 10 years or more)?

I questioned household members, but apparently no one slammed her tail in a door (she doesn't go out anymore anyway) nor stepped on it.

Anyone had this happen to their kitty?? I haven't called the vet; she seems fine otherwise.

Nancy T.
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We had a cat when I was a kid who was in and out. One day he got a droopy tail, it just dragged on the floor. We figured it was some injury. Over time it healed, but he must have not had feeling in it, because within a few years he had other tail injuries, and ended up having 2 or 3 surgeries, and a very short tail when he was done!

Maybe she injured herself, or the hind leg paralysis is spreading? I suppose a vet check is in order, just to rule out anything serious. Poor old girl, sounds like she is really struggling. Yet she must be quite a fighter to keep on going at her age!

Bless you for taking such good care of her!
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something is definately not right - could be neurological - who knows. But a VET check is order...

Good luck with your baby!!
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My rex hit the base of his tail by accident and it was "sprained" and fell down - we thought it was broke. The vet x-rayed and wrapped the tail and in about a week things were fine.
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I would have a vet check her anal glands, they can cause the weirdest symptoms. I have seen dogs (anal gland issues in dogs is more common, but does still happen in cats)start limping because of anal glands, sudden tail drooping, scooting, acting like some unseen force is chasing them, and my favorite a client of ours who has a diabetic cat that when his anal glands get full he smears poop all over the house.
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I'd say hit the vet too... this happened once or twice to my black lab and it was ruled a sprain, but with a kitty that old with so many problems, it may be more serious... I hope its just a little sprain though - they heal pretty quickly and it's not like a leg or foot where she'd be putting weight on it.... we have no idea hour our dog sprained her tail - who knows what the fur babies do to entertain themselves when no one's around....
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This happened once to an outside cat we knew. I caught him and took him to the vet. The problem was an absess at the base of his tail, probably where another cat had bitten him. The vet said it would have been a permanent injury which would have caused his tail to be a real problem, maybe even deteriorate until it had to come off.
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Wow, thanks for all the ideas and advice. It never occurred to me that she might have somehow injured it herself, but I think that's a real possibility, given that she has these weird seizure-like episodes that the vets (including a neurologist) haven't been able to diagnose (for one thing, she never has them at the vet's).

Maybe she sprained the tail somehow during one of these episodes or fell on the stairs or something. Very possible. Thanks everyone!!

(Omigosh, you all have the CU-U-U-TEST kitties!!)

Nancy T.
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