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I bought my first home Sept 2004 - I was 34yrs.
I was married for 8 years, but my X wasn't all that great about the whole "work" thing (thus the divorce). So we were always in an apartment.
My home isn't that big, but it's still my dream home - cause it's mine!
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I rent, and agree it's quite an endless waste paying more each month to fill my landlord's wallets than some homeowners pay on their mortgage. For now, though, I'm enjoying the perks of living on the beach, yet still look forward to being in the position to purchase my own home.
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I was 41 when we bought our current home 7 1/2 years ago, which is my first owned home.
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We own our home. It is a big step, not to be taken lightly. When you rent, you don't have to fix things that break. It can be very costly when things break. A new AC/Heater combo cost us over 2000 to replace. We had to do without this for a year. Not too fun in 100+ degree weather.

One piece of advice... DON'T BUY where there is a homeowner's association. Ours is a pain in the butt. I was recovering from a stroke a year ago, and the only thing they was concerned about was getting our money. They had no compassion at all. This is true for most associations.
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I'm only 15 but Mum rents our house. We like the freedom.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
I don't consider a house bought until it's fully paid for, so my bought age was 28. That's when I finished paying off my mortgage.
Wyan, are you ***ing me???

What did you do, smuggle guns across the border or something??

I am 31 and wouldn't even have the money for a deposit...but when we do want to buy we are lucky that housing isn't TOO bad in Perth. The place we're living now was just valued at $460,000, but we only pay $250 a week in rent. To buy this place we'd pay five times that in a mortgage.

In Perth, first homeowners tend to average about a $280K - $350K mortgage, with at least 10 percent of that as a deposit to even get the loan.

For us it's much more financially viable to rent, as we'd never be able to afford to buy in the areas we want to live.
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I rented my own place at 17. Now I live in the boyfriends place - this is his first place on his own and he bought this apartment at 27. Currently he's paying a mortgage on this one but we're looking for to move in the future!
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Actually....we built our first home when we had been married just over 2 years. Larry was 19 and I was 17.
We have built 3 other ones since then in the almost 40 years that we have been married. You save a lot of $$$$ when you can do the work yourself!
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Originally Posted by jdpesz
I was 41 when we bought our current home 7 1/2 years ago, which is my first owned home.
Hey, I'm just down the road from you in Lake Stevens!!! I just moved into my first house a little over a week ago at the age of 27. It's taken a lot to get here, I've worked as much overtime I can take at work to save for the downpayment anywhere between 65-84 hours a week for the last 7 months. But it's great not burning my money every month and can reap the tax benefits and build equity at the same time.

Here are some pictures of my home...

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