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Soft paws???

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Has anyone heard of this product? It's something that's supposed to dull the claws of your cat so that she or he doesn't go around scratching everything to bits. Do any of you use this and do you find it expensive? I definetely don't want to declaw my kitten, but I want to ease the scratching that I get sometimes...
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Sorry about the late reply, I'm afraid I kinda lost track of the posts.... Guess I could use some more moderators over here

Anyways, I know of only one person who's actually ordered and used their product. He was quite satisfied and it did save his kitty from being declawed.

Here's their web site - check it out:


Anyone else tried this?
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I don't know if this might help you but my cats ( I have 3 baby girls), used to claw my couch, my bed, my everything! Now the bed didn't really bother me, the couch I placed a blanket on but the table or wood furniture was a bit of a problem. I was advised to apply two sided tape to the table or what ever wood furniture, as they hate to have sticky feet. Now I don't know if this will help your situation but it did for us and just incase you are wondering,a pet specialist told us to do so. Let us know what happens! Take care!
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Covering things with plastic also helps - i got some rolled up clear plastic and just stuck it over top of the corners of my couch - my cat won't touch it! Now I have to get her to quit scratching the carpet and start using her scratching "kitty condo" thingy (which she doesn't seem to like too much ...)
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One of my cats actually loves cardboard. It's messy, but she doesn't touch my couch anymore. I can't think of a cheaper scratching post than a clean cardboard box. When it's ripped to shreads I simply get a new one.
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I've heard of them. My vet uses them on her cats.
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I've used them on both my cats for the past couple years with great success. And hey, if you use the colored kind then they look pretty cool too. Feel free to email me with any questions.

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