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My head might explode!

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At least that what it feels like, anyway. I have a cold and am all stuffed up! So, I could use a little sympathy, or you could just tell me stop feeling sorry for myself. Either way, thanks!
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Vitamin C is your friend!!!!!!!!
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I was like that a couple of month ago Eileen Painkillers, fluids and snuggles with the kitties is what i always tell people.

Hope you feel better soon
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I hope you feel better and aren't snoring like Lee did the other night! Kept me up most of the night! THeraflu and a nap!
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Hope you feel better soon .
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I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you are feeling better very soon.
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eeeeew I hate colds like that. You need a good hot cup of tea and to go back to bed with a hot water bottle. And a box of tissues! Get well soon sweetie!
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Get well soon! don't you wish that you could just drill a hole in your head to release the pressure? Get some of those sudafed shower soothers- miracles of modern medicine I say! they work great
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Do you have a humidifier you can run in the bedroom at night???
Take some sudafed or I like the alka seltzer cold medicine too!!
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Thanks for the sympathy and suggestions, everybody. I'll take something for it when I get home from work. Not getting any sympathy here - my boss laughed at me!
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Oh you have to try Mucinex DM Decongestant it helps loosen mucus, clear congestion - it is just marvelous!!! Love the stuff!!!
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Oh boy!!! FIreworks! But seriously, folks...

I can sympathize. Get a box of tissues with the lotion to soothe the nose as you blow. And, yes, a cuddle with the kitties is part of the cure!
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Lots of good health vibes heading your way, Eileen!!
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Originally Posted by DRIVEN
Vitamin C is your friend!!!!!!!!
I used to like that "band"

When my fiance starts telling me "I think I'm gonna get sick" I start doping him up, so at most he gets is a small cough, then it's all over tehehe...No calling in sick for you buddy!!!
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I know how you feel!!!

I have a cold too!!!

Had it since Thursday!! I stupidly went to work on Monday, and regretted it, and then had Tuesday off to compensate.

I'm feeling much better today but still got the cough and runny nose!

We'll feel sorry for ourselves together!
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Great sympathy coming your way! I was in bed four days last week (unheard of for me) with a dizzy blocked up cold and a fever, so I know how it feels. I got up too soon and relapsed so be careful.
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Here's a hug ((((hug))))
and some sunshine for you.
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Awww, you guys are so great!

Although I've had rather annoying cough for the past couple of weeks, this is the first full blown cold I've had for a while.

I'm sending lots of "feel better" vibes to anybody else who's feeling under the weather!
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