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Some bosses these days!

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Ok, does this make any sense to anyone?
I work at a coffee shop, where my boss has decided to give her sister full time suddenly, pushing myself and my friend to about 7 hours a week. I have never asked for a day off, although there was once that I refused hours offered to me. Today's my dads retirement party, and it's a big deal. Mom's working, so I'm in charge of doing things like getting the cakes, the balloons, bringing our present over, etc. So I booked the day off so I wouldn't have to work during the party/right before.
My boss called me this morning at 8am (her first strike) and asked if I could work. I told her if she really really needed me I could come in for a couple hours, but that I had booked the day off because of dad's retirement (which she knew) and couldn't do all of the hours. She finally said "no I'll do it" after some negoiation talks.
Sometimes she just doesn't think before she does things...infact often she doesn't think before she does things.
Ahh..I feel better now. I was just feeling guilty about not saying "Sure I'll come in" and throwing on my clothes and flying in despite the party and my having to open at 6:30 tomorrow morning.
I need a new and better job.
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I've had a couple of boss' like that!

It's annoying how they feel the need to trat you like that when you have validly booked the time off!!

I hope your Dad's retirement party goes well and you have a thoroughly great time knowing that you won't have to work around it!
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Some people just don't get that the people working for them are in fact other people, with their own lives and different realities. Especially when it's a small business owner who has everything on her shoulders and has to handle all the responsibility. They just get so caught up in running their business that they lose perspective and just can't step back and see things from anyone else's point of view (employee's or customers).
Yeah, I seen this a few times...
I hope you do manage to find a better job soon. I remember you writing about this woman before and it sounds like this place is never going to improve.
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Yeah, that's very true...I have written about her before. She just boggles my mind sometimes.
I almost got a job at a bank last week, but the manager went with someone with experience. Currently she's trying to find me some overtime to fill in for, or even some part time to get me trained and give me some experience. Really nice lady, and seems like she knows how to manage the bank well.
Dad's given me some homework this week too. I feel so dumb, didn't even know his masters is in vocational work, mind you it has a focus on psychological help but I think he'd be able to tell me a thing or two. I am to write down the things that I think are positive and negative about each job that I've had thus far. Hopefully we'll be able to find me a carreer path instead of just a job.
I'm off to get balloons and a cake! YIPPIE!
Thanks guys
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It sounds like you're Dad has given you some excellent homework!

It would be good for you to be able to see on paper what it is that you like about jobs and what it is that you dislike!

I hope it helps you to find the right job for you! Good luck with it!
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Yep, some bosses. Our mid-level managers are fine, but the execs have to be reminded that "I just work here; you didn't purchase me."
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So glad I don't have to deal with bosses anymore!!!
Good luck in finding your way to a better job!!
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