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Cat turning color

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Dani is a black cat but when I brush her hair againt the grain, I notice she has grey hair beneath the surface. There are white hairs in her tail. Lately, I noticed that the hair near her butt is turning grayish. It's like the hair where she sits is changing colors.

Do black cats turn color... will I have to buy Ms. Clariol to keep Dani's youthful hair color?

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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How old is Dani?
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My black kitty Onyx's 'underfur' (for lack of proper terminology) is grey too. Only his guard hairs are black- weird
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JoJo - moving this to the health forum for you -
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Awww I'm guessing your baby is starting to get old?

Black cats fur can go various ways. Tage has a couple little strands of white here and there. DC turned more of a brownish reddish shade as he got older. But both of their fur was black all the way down to their skin
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After talking to a geneticist, I found out that ALL black cats will get white hairs from time to time. They are "dead" hairs that didn't shed.
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Thanks for putting me in the right forum. Dani's almost 2 years old now. She's always had a few white hairs in her tail but it appears she's getting an entire patch or gray up the backs of both legs.

She's got a somewhat bushy tail that's in the air nearly 24-7 so I could see the gray pretty clearly as she struts by me.

mom to an old Dani Night Stalker
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