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Poor little patchwork cat.

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You were beautiful. White with patchwork calico spots.
i've seen you playing in your yard.
How cute you were chasing the leaves last fall.
Every day i would watch with amazement at your antics while waiting on that red light.
Every day i would worry that one day you would be gone.
I stopped twice to chase you away from the road and once to warn your owner of how dangerous this road is over this past year. They Thanked me . but did nothing .
Yesterday, i saw you waiting with your owner as the children got on the bus.
Today i saw you frozen and still.
How my heart breaks to have picked you up to move you out of trafic.
The curses swore at me by passers by, as i interrupted their morning commute were hollow on my ears.
My heart breaks for you and all the little kitties by the road who can play no more.
Find peace little one. Chase the leaves in the eternal fall that comforts you over the bridge.

I dont know if i feel better or worse. I feel like a child sniffling tears at work. I am a grown man, how can this affect me so? I suppose there are no answers to my questions, only sorrow for the sweet life snuffed short by 2000lbs of metal. How i cant wait for this day to pass by so that i may find comfort with my cats who are safely INSIDE at home.
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Oh how awful I'll be hugging my girls when i get home tonight as well

RIP little one and play happily over the bridge
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That poor, sweet little girl. When will people learn? RIP precious one.
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What a nice tribute to this little one. Hang in there until you can get home and let your kitties comfort you.

Rest in peace, little calico.
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Poor girl!

Play free and safe over the bridge dear little one!
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Poor little kitty!

At least she's safe and happy over the bridge. I'm giving my kitties lots of extra hugs and love tonight.

R.I.P little girl.
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Poor baby! But now she is where she can be with all the other kitties with owners who didn't keep them safe enough, playing and running and being as happy as ever at the rainbow bridge. There are too many cats like that, unfortunately, and no cat should have to pass away like that.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Oh how awful I'll be hugging my girls when i get home tonight as well

RIP little one and play happily over the bridge
Please take comfort in the fact that you tried so HARD to prevent this tragedy, Middletown - even having the courage to warn the owners! and to brave the traffic, to safely remove her poor, little remains. My heart goes out to the little girls who loved her - may they learn from this tragic loss. All of us at TCS are very, very proud of you, Middletown and you and the little calico-angel are in our hearts and thoughts tonight.
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oh sweet girl - play happily at the bridge darlin

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Thank you all. your words and thoughts have helped me a LOT!
I gave my cats such lovins the other night when i got home, they thought i was the one on cat nip

That really really impacted me the other day when i saw her there on the road. I try to be stoic for the most part, but that broke my heart.

as a follow up to the story.

I took her little body to my shelter and had her creamated.
The director allowed me to place her in the pet cematary so that she may always have a safe home.
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Poor kitty RIP little baby

Thank you for moving her, not many people would have done that.
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RIP sweet little girl.
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I am so sorry this happened. I send prayers and hugs for comfort.
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