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Men with babies....

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Now, how many of you (who aren’t men already, of course) just love watching your man / father / brother with your furbabies?? It is TOO sweet…

The other night I went to bed earlier than Max to read my book, and after half an hour or so I heard this soft, baby-talk singing coming from the lounge. I poked my head through the door and found Max on the floor with the puppies, singing a nonsense love-song to Chester about his big paws. I could have squeezed him to bits when I saw that. So adorable…..
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This has to be one of the most wonderful characteristics I can imagine in a man!That must have warmed your heart so much to see, Sarah!
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Oh I love it. My ex-husband was very loving with our cats and dogs, but was also quite rough the way he played, too, and wouldn't listen to me when I protested. It really bothered me, but Max is just a big marshmallow!!
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I love it too.... There was a big guy who worked in the local garage about 100 yards from our family house on the north east coast of Scotland... who was just like that. He was huge and tattooed to the blazes and looked really intimidating, but when he had to rescue a kitten from the inner workings of a car that had been brought in, you should have seen the tears fall!! He adopted the kitten and called it Petra (he coudln't really call her petrol) and she got the nick-name two-stroke, after the engine oil, because that's all it took to make her purr like a motor!! How sweet is that?! We used to love going over there to play with the cat... Andy loved people, but cats had a very special place for him.
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Enough said

He's good with our son too!
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Lee "hates" cat. Or he used too. He told me last night that Phenom was HIS cat. He plays with her all the time. Its so cute to. He was playing peekaboo with her and she was winning. Finnally he popped out at her first and siad! "Ha I got you this time! " LOL
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Ben was in love with teufel, he infact told me yesterday that teufel was HIS SON.

Teufel used to love him too, but he is now used to him not being around anymore
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I loove watching my dad cuddle with Jack Daniels!

Especially since my dad was one of the few that says he likes cats but he'd never want to own one. He still is like that but he's warmed up to little Jack so well!
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When the cats are bad, they're mine. When they are good, they're his!

I just love watching my big man cuddle up to the kitties!! He's just so big compared to them!!!

How's this for cute!
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I remember that photo Jane. It's absolutely priceless! Look how much wee Portia has grown.
I love how my husband is a softie with the cats. I'd have a hard time with a man who didn't like animals. Dave plays chase with Pushkin and has good cuddles with them both.
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My fiance loves his Miss Kitty. She was here before I was.

He looks posessed in this one, but Miss Kitty is happy to be snuggled up with her dad.
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Mark adores the cats he has a major bond with Sleeves though. He is constantly baby talking them, and having conversations with Sleeves. He lies on the floor with them and cuddles and I often get a picture message from him while I'm at work of him cuddles up with one of the cats. He is a huge softy.
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When my fiance and i first moved in together, he swore UP and DOWN we would NEVER get a cat. "I'm a DOG person and thats what we'll have!"

When we went to pick up Buddy, he goes "Why's all that hair comming out of his ears? He's funny looking!"

Now, we have 4 cats, and Buddy of all cats is 'his cat' he talks about how Buddy is his, and not mine, and Buddy is soo beautiful...

Men with cats are some of the greatest men you will ever meet.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Lee "hates" cat.
Mine hates cats too! - or so he says....until.....last time we were out and somehow got on the subject of cats and before I could even get a word in he starts telling everyone about all our babies and their personalities and which one does what and what their favorite things are.... You would have thought he was talking about children (and this from a man who will still swear to me that he is NOT a cat person.....yeah right. )
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Kitters loves her daddy and he loves her too!

They have cuddle time

(her favorite place to sit)

and naps all the time

and they play chase through the house a lot!

Kitters even loves her daddy when he points out her sillyness!

He tells me if we ever split or anything that Kitters is his! (I think NOT!! )
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Mine is a big softie when it comes to 'the girls.' Noodles loves cuddling in his lap and Mooch gets him to play. I just love watching them together!
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My dad is the one who raised me, and he got me into cats, earlier this month he saw all 4 of my kitties for the first time, and was absolutely tickled about Gizmo. He cracked up so much at how she plays, jumping and doing flips in the air. We never had a kitty that did that before. But then again with him we've only had 2 cats perm. Tigger who got run over when i was a kid and Cuddles who I got when i was 7 and he still has her, she's 14 years old now!
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