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My cat is 14 weeks old. He was a stray, I have had him for two weeks and he is very happy and playful and makes lots of twittering noises but he cannot miaow! he opens his mouth and tries but nothing comes out - is he ok?!
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Have you taken the kitty to a vet for a check up? This should be done anyhow to make sure the kitty is ok and to get any vaccinations, worming, etc. that the vet recommends.

I have known kitties who did not meow until they were a several months old so it might not be a problem. But, a vet visit is a good idea when you get a new cat.
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I took in a friends cat once who had a very hoarse meow. It seemed like it was struggling to cry, but I think it was just normal. I'd take the kitten to the vet though just to make sure it's alright.
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My little girl Red willl now 'meow' at all and she is about 8 yrs old...she makes other noises to communicate. Don't know if she never learned or what, but she seems OK.
Roach...thanks so much for taking in this little one. He is a lucky little guy. His name?
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It's funny, the next thread is about an overly talkative cat... Like Shrek said about donkey, "it's getting him to shut up that's the trick."
Perhaps you should count your blessings.

My Dani was quiet when I first got her, within 10 months she's become quite a chatterbox and infinately more friendly.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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Do not worry !! My cat Sydney cannot meouw very good either !!! When he is hungry and I show him his favorite food , I hear a similar "sound" , but no MEOUW !!!! When someone steps on his tail , he also reacts with a scream !!! The vet told me it's a normal cat !!!
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My Georgia doesn't exactly meow either. She makes cute little chirpy sounds and something that sounds like a high pitched, squeaky MMOO. I love the funny little kitty sounds. I have one guy, Leo, that weighs around 20 lbs. and makes the sissiest little meow. It sounds like it should come out of a tiny kitten. He'll lay on his back, fold his paws under his chin and make that funny little noise. It is SO cute.
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i never realized the variety of sounds that could come from a cat till i got Jade. she has a meow for every occasion. it's almost like i could tell what she wants... from when she greets me when i get home (an irritated, "where have you been?" grrr) to the begging for food bit (a cute, "please feed me 'cause you love me!" meow). then she'll squeak and chirp and sometimes just flat out HOWL at me. i mean, really...all this in one sitting! i wish i could figure out exactly what she's trying to tell me with her different meows!
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Casper and Kitty are very vocal, but sometimes when Caspe tries to meow, nothing comes out! That's so hilarious, and he looks stunned then, like wondering why nothing came out... I hope with time your kitten finds his voice!
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Thanks for all your replies. And to debra myers
- his name is Felix. He looks like Casper who is further down the page. I took him to a vet the day I found him and he has since been vaccinated, he is just waiting for his booster shot and can then adventure outside. I live in New Zealand so there are not so many nasty things here to get him (I hope!) He still opens his mouth and makes a funny sound rather than miaow but he is very vocal in other ways and it IS really cool. I will ask the vet again when I get back. I wonder if he has a slight infection as his breath is a bit smelly which I don't think is normal for kittens.
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