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I never see my babies anymore!!!!

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I never get to see my babies anymore! I moved to my grandma's and they are all my mom's. My grandpa hates cats, so it's not like I can have one here. It's so lonely without them around. My baby girl Nuby was always following me everywhere and sitting on my lap. Then there is my big boy Boomer....he's the most personable cat and also my favorite. (don't tell the others...shhhhh!) Lucky was our newest addition. A little red tabby, who is no longer a kitten. I'm post me favorite pics of each for you all to see. Give you kittys a hug for me, cause I have none to hug.

Nuby in my favorite pic of her

Lucky (when he was a kitten)

And one of my favorite pics of Boomer
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I'll move them into Fur pictures

What little cutie pies they are as well
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Thanks, wasn't sure where to put it. They are cute and I miss them terribly! It's just not the same without a cat around..... Has anyone else ever found themselves without a kitty?
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oh I am so sorry do you get to see them often? they sure are gorgeous!!

my husband is not a cat person, so I never had cats when we lived together (before getting married). He knew that as soon as we bought our own home that he would have no choice and I would be bringing home a cat (how I managed 2 I dont know ).
i know what its like to not have a kitty in your life - its not nice I hope you get to visit them often
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Your cats are lovely Im not surprised you miss them. I hope you get to see them often, maybe you could persuad your Grandad that cats are wonderful?
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While living in germany i lived for 3 years with out a cat!
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I am sorry your without any cats, that must be truly awful. I know how much mine mean to me and if I am ever without them I fall apart. So I can only imagine how you must feel!

Your cats are gorgeous, and I do hope you get to visit them often although I know thats still not the same.

Take care and Huggy Bear sends you lots of cuddles

Eva x
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When I moved here to Lanzarote my cats stayed with my husband.

I missed them so much.

There are so many cats here without homes it did not take me long to secumb and I got Luna & Sol.

Then I went to Sara (The Animal Protectorate here) to get some things for fund raising and saw the place was full of kittens (boxes of them from floor to ceiling. So Charlie came home.... I reconed I had room for one more.

Then I started to foster bottle babies and Charlie fell in love with Tommy.....

By the time my husband was ready to move to The Gambia, a year after I came here.1 of the cats had died and another had decided he prefered my neighbours house Of the 2 left i realised that Tilli would not cope with the flight (she was very nervous) so I found her a lovely home with a horsey friend. I then spent £600 on flying Jade out here to be with me.

Never ever will I be without my cats again
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Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone. No, I don't get to see them often. My grandpa will never have a cat. I was lucky to get my Hedgehog. The only animals I have a chance of getting are ones that live in a cage. But it's just not the same without a kitty.

May I say, 3 years with no cat.......

One thing that I just think is absolutely ridiculous is that my grandpa said cats Smell. My grandma has a dog that smells worse than a cat could ever smell!! Personaly I think that cats don't smell unless they get into something. Does everyone agree with me?

Thank you for the cuddles Huggy Bear!!
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