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mY preCiouS peTs....deFi n' kYoko n' vaLentIne

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dEfi, mY 1 yeaR maLe

mY onLy PriNcess, thE wIres CheweR, 1 yeaR kYokO

tHe yoUngeSt n tHe naUghthiEst vaLentinE, 3 moNths
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You have beautiful kitties! Welcome to TCS!
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Valentine looks so adorable. Welcome to TCS!
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kyOko's fav pLace tO ruN wHeneVer i'M seeing mY cOmPuter
hv been chEwed bY hEr

dEfi in bAd mooD wHen i igNore giVing hIm hIs faV fOOd, boILeD chIckeN

pLay aLonE wit'out deFi n' kYoko

kYokO, tHe pRinCess

deFi n' vaLentiNe

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hi LilleAh n' moocHnnOodLes,

tQ...i'M gLAd thAt u bOth liKe my cAts...n' tHis caTsiTe wiLL b mY cOmpuLsorY n fAv pLace tO spEnd mY daY.
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Valentine is beautiful and I love her colouring! Is she a pedigree cat? she looks like she might be!

All your cats are lovely

Eva x
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Hi sweetie and welcome to TCS!! Your cats are sooooo sweet!!:Love: Can I ask a little favour please? I'm finding all those random capital letters a little difficult to read, would you mind maybe not doing that?! It's for the ditzes out there like me who can't cope with it

Valentine is just stunning! I think Eva might be right, I think she might be pedigreed - and Kyoko looks really does have mischief written all over her face! What cuties!
And what about Defi!! What a handsome boy!

I hope we'll be seeing MUCH more of them all here!
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Love the piccies Valentine is gorgous scrumptious and I could cuddle him to bits.

P.s I too have probs with the ramdom capitals (must be my age cause my nephew does all that sort of thing but it send me cross eyed)
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So sorry 4 the problem of my writing.........I will not doing it again....

Defi n' Valentine are only DLH while Kyoko is DSLH. I just bounght Valentine from one of the forumers, Malaysia.Cat.Forum, Mrsaafifi. Valentine is a very indulgent kitten. He like 2 b pampered almost of the time. He sleeps with me. B4 this, Defi is the KING of my room while Kyoko is a independent cat. She only sleep with me when shes unwell. But now, its Valentines turn. It really makes Defi so But now, 3 of them can get along eventhough not so ok but its alrite. Well, mayb bcos of the age, think so. Defi n' Kyoko not so playful when Valentine is around. Pity 2 the little one.

"No one want 2 play with me!"

p.s : On this Saturday, Kyoko will b spayed.... This week, Kyoko is always meowing 2 loud until the whole house include Defi cant get sleep. Cant stand it anymore the smell of her urine all over the house.....at my curtain, the door even at my microwave. Is it normal 4 female cat who in heat bhave like that?
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Thanks for not using the capitals sweetie, that's a HUGE help!! Poor little Kyoko off to get spayed - I always hated leaving my babies at the vet, but I know they're in brilliant hands . I don't know how normal that is for a female to be peeing all over the place, the last female I had only did it because she was being dominated by her brother. He had claimed ths house as his territory and my poor little girl was so terrified of him that if he jumped out at her, she would pee on the spot. She never used the litterbox because it smelled too much of him - I tried laying down several more, but the little man would get in and use it first - I had no choice but to rehome my girl in the end because it was better for her. I don't know about the cats not being neutered though... my suggestion would be to make sure all three of them are neutered and perhaps that would solve a lot of the problems. Hope that helps
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