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Hiya! Gingerbear is a male that I have. He's about a year old. He's behavior is different than any other cat I have had. Since he was born I have spent time with him everyday. When he was a newborn I'd spend at least an hour with him. Petting and kissing him and just showing him love. Now is a huge cat. He is scared to death when he sees new people or hears new people in my apartment. But with me is the nicest most sweetest cat ever. I taught him to jump up to my chest so I can catch him and hold him. When he sits on the couch he sits up like a human would. On like the lower part of his back with his legs all stretched out in front of him just lounging. He uses the arm rest on the side of the couch to help prop himself him. He sleeps in the sink in the bathroom. And sometimes when I've had a long day and I'm taking a nice hot bath he will crawl on my stomach and sit there. Or try to prop himself up by using my face as he would the arm rest of the couch. Sorry to ramble. Just thought I'd share this weird behavior with everyone.
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Sounds to me like your babe is very attached to you! He sounds very special and unique. What a wonderful bond you two have.
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I think you just have a one man/woman cat. My Siamese usually want only me, and after three years, my whole family has just recently seen both of them. When they were tiny I was the only person they knew, so they hid from a lot of noise. They still hide from little children, but come out to greet one older child or adult at a time. Yet, these are, without a doubt, the most loving cats I have ever had. I think you have a really interesting character; just enjoy!! He sounds great.
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Gingerbear got lose once when I was coming home. I opened the apartment door and had a bunch of groceries, he snuck out while the door was open. I have a pretty long hallway so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to catch him, but luckily he ran to the end, where a window was. He jumped up on the ledge and started freaking out trying to escape through the window (it was closed). I brought him back in and he just hid under the bed for a couple hours. Hopefully he learned that the hallway is bad and he won't try to escape/explore anymore.
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Gingerbear is a cute name! Do you have a picture of Gingerbear?
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Here is all the picture that I have of Gingerbear right now. First are some pictures of him as a baby and a picture of him now.

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Cute cute cute! Love those Orange sunshine kitties!
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omg that top one is soo cute.. and the last one such abuse .. lol poor kitty!
Then again I suppose its no worse than the time I put asim in a sweater!!


Oh the humanity of it all!
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Gingerbear is a cutie!
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AAAAAWWWWW!! How cute! Did you cover his ears to keep the kitty munchers off of them? We will nibble a sweet little kitten ear around here.:laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Those pics could win a prize!!!!!!
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